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   Chapter 532 Who Can Force Him

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8639

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Emily cared less about every other thing now. Nothing else mattered to her except for Jacob. Her mind was filled with worry for him. She shouted his name repeatedly, hoping to get his response. "Jacob! Jacob! Where are you? Please answer me! Jacob!" She shrieked and wildly looked around.

As much as she strained her ear to hear a response, she did not get any. She anxiously waited, but all that bounced back to her was an echo of her own voice.

This made no sense! Where was Jacob? Why wasn't he answering her call?

What was going on? Where was he? Fear slowly crept through as the realization that Sean must have fooled her hit her.

The thought that Jacob may be in danger made Emily agitated. She frantically searched every corner of the room, hoping to find Jacob.

Amidst her ruckus, she distinctly heard the sound of footsteps behind her. Someone was approaching her.

With a sigh of relief, Emily quickly turned around hoping to finally see Jacob. Before she could see his face, the man suddenly hugged her tightly. A strong whiff of alcohol enveloped Emily together with the man's arms. With a scrunched nose, she was positive this man was not her Jacob.

"You are not Jacob. Who are you?" Emily felt bothered.

She struggled to break free, but the man's grasp on her firmly held. He pressed Emily closer the more she fought him. Emily was alarmed by how tight this man was holding on to her.

"Of course, I'm not Jacob," the man murmured. Emily felt his breath on the top of her head. "How could I be him? I am your brother," he added.

Emily grunted out her frustration and squirmed to get away. She faced him and pointed her finger. "You're not drunk?" Emily asked, annoyed.

Sean focused his look on Emily. His eyes were in and out of focus, "No! I am definitely not drunk. I only had a few drinks and those are not enough to get me drunk. I wanted to see you and find out what you're doing here. So what are you looking for?" Sean swayed as he slurred his words out.

Exasperated, Emily threw her hands up and did not even bother to explain. She knew that would be useless given Sean's situation. She fixed her steady gaze at him and coldly asked, "Where is Jacob? Where did you hide him? And what did you do to him?"

"Well, he left. He left on his own." Sean answered slowly and nonchalantly. "I did nothing to harm him. I just did as you asked and helped him bring back his old memories. I did what you asked me to do."

"I don't believe you! Jacob would never leave without telling me. Whether he has already regained his memory or not, he

Beryl to me and left to Z country alone," Sean said firmly.

"Nonsense! What are you talking about?" Emily shouted at Sean with eyes wide open, "Sean, don't you know how ridiculous you are? You have to be kidding! I can't believe you! It's impossible!"

Sean patted Emily's shoulder and said, "Whatever, I have already told you the truth. Whether you believe me or not, it's up to you."

Emily shook off his hand angrily and was about to walk out of the room.

But Sean stopped her immediately, and said with concern, "It's too late now. Where will you go?"

"I am going to find him. I will ask him myself! Stop pretending to be a good person. I want to hear the truth from Jacob," Emily said as she struggled to get away from Sean.

"I won't allow you to go," Sean raised his voice.

"You have no right to interfere with my life. It's none of your business!" Emily said angrily, "Aha! I know it. You're afraid! You're afraid your lies would be exposed once I find Jacob!"

"I have no reason to be afraid." Sean replied as he hugged Emily firmly in his arms. The delight and content clearly shown on his face. "What I am really afraid is that you will feel desperate when you see him. I don't want you to feel sad. Believe me. The truth will let you down," he added.

"Leave me alone, Sean! Let me go! You're the one who made this happen. This is all because of you! You're a monster! Why are you doing this to us?" Emily cried. She was eager to see Jacob and figure out what had happened to him.

Everything would be fine if she didn't bring Jacob to D country. Emily bitterly regretted it. All these bad experiences wouldn't have happened to Jacob if he didn't come here. And now she even lost him!

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