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   Chapter 531 You Have Been Dreaming For So Many Years

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7132

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It was obvious that Emily knew where the family's lab was located, so she didn't disturb anyone but went alone instead.

She told herself that she just needed to see for herself that Jacob was well, then she would trust Sean again.

However, when she arrived there, she found that it was impossible for her to enter the lab without Sean's finger print for the biometric scanner at the door; which meant no one but him could access the lab.

She would need to collect his finger prints.

Facing a conundrum she was lost in thought, searching for a solution. ·

That evening, Sean was surprised by the scent of delicious aromas emanating from the kitchen, and he suspected a ploy was afoot. ·

In fulfillment of his longing, he saw a familiar figure busy in the kitchen.

Trying to puzzle out her motives he asked, "Why do you feel like cooking today?" Despite his suspicions, he was in a good mood. ·

She tried to act naturally, and allay his suspicions, but also struggled to relax her tight lips and she mildly explained, "Beryl was hungry."

He smiled winsomely, "It seems that I can sponge off of Beryl tonight then."

She shrugged in answer, "If you think so, then it is."

With dinner being served, she opened a bottle of fine red wine and slowly decanted the fiery colored liquid into crystal glasses. Offering him a glass she lowered her eyes and said, "Sean, I don't want to question your previous behavior, but I hope it will not happen again. I am disgusted with it. Can you understand that?"

He accepted the glass and slowly sipped the wine, before coldly replying, "Fine. If you don't like it, then forget it."

She proposed a toast to him and took a sip of the wine before adding, "I will leave here with Jacob and Beryl after he regains his memory. We will not disturb your life any more."

Gripping the glass he smirked, "You are afraid that I will disturb your happy little life, aren't you?"

There were no explanations which could suffice, so Emily didn't try, but her long lashes concealed all the emotions waring in her eyes, "If you think so, then it is."

Noticing that Beryl was tire

ertips into the rubbery polymers. His fingerprints remained etched in the malleable surface.

He remained asleep during the whole process and didn't even stir as she secreted his biometrics required for her plan.

Heaving a soft sigh as she finished, she drew a blanket over him and left quietly.

However, what she didn't notice was that his eyes flickered open momentarily as she turned to the door, as if he was about to wake.


Emily took the Silly Putty with Sean's fingerprints to the family lab, where she tried every fingerprint until the door finally opened.

When she entered, she was confronted by an empty storage space. It was a warehouse filled with some equipment, but no sign of her beloved was to be found.

"Jacob? Jacob!" Calling his name twice, she remembered something and didn't call again. ·

If what Sean said was true, Jacob couldn't be disturbed during the treatment. It was supposedly detrimental to the success of the treatment and could jeopardize his health. ·

She felt even more doubt in the veracity of Sean's promises.

Her plan was to see that Jacob was well, as only then she would be able to rest easy.

Thinking of Jacob, she continued searching the warehouse, but in a panic realized that every room was revealed as empty! ·

A bad feeling began to gnaw at her stomach, as she hurried through every part of the premises.

No one, no one, still no one...

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