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   Chapter 527 You Do Not Have to Pretend to Care About Me

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Emily did not notice the change in Sean's expression as she said, "Sean, I sincerely hope that you can leave those bad memories behind you and look forward to the future. Dwelling in the past will not do you any good."

Sean's face crimsoned with fury and he clenched his fists tightly, nails digging into his palms. "What do you know? You know nothing! Absolutely nothing!"

"Brother, I..." Emily stammered.

"Now that you've cast aside your identity as Cloris, you don't have the right to call me brother anymore!"

Emily couldn't speak, just then, for the griping ache that was in her throat. The absurdity of Sean's paranoia gave her reasons to feel deeply worried about him.

The next day, Sean wasted no time in sending Jacob in the lab. About 24 hours later, Sean finally came out of the lab.

Meanwhile, Emily anxiously waited outside the lab for them. She couldn't help feeling anxious when she saw Sean come out of the lab alone. "Sean, how is Jacob? Why did he not come out with you?"

Sean looked completely drained and his lips twitched as if he had something bitter in his mouth. "Jacob, Jacob, Jacob. Everything with you is about Jacob. You don't even care about me," he teased her.

"I'm so sorry. I was just worried..." Emily hurried to explain and she added, "So how do you feel now? Are you tired?"

"You don't have to pretend to care about me. I'm fine, thanks," Sean dismissed her. Sean put his hand over his mouth and coughed several times before he continued, "The therapy went well but this is just the beginning. We still have a long way to go with his treatment. In the meantime, I need you to promise me that you won't visit him until I say so. Can you do that?"

"But why?" Emily felt puzzled. This uncertainty only gave Emily more reasons to be worried about Jacob as she could hardly keep her nerves calm as it was.

"I know you are worried about him." Sean held her hand as if to give her courage and assurance. "But please have faith in me and the process."

"I believe that you won't let me down." Although, those were the words that had come out of Emily's mouth, she couldn't shake the bad feeling that lingered in her mind.

Sean smiled and said, "Of course."

Emily forced a smile out of her face and said, "You must be hungry. Let's go get something to eatl!"

"Will you cook for me?" Sean's eyes glowed with anticipation.

Emily shook her head, dismissing his hopes and said, "No, I've asked the cook to prepare us some lunch."

Emily had too much on her mind to bother about cooking, sinc

t thinking straight. I'm sorry. I was just very tired and I shouldn't have said those words." The darkness that once inhabited his eyes was no longer visible.

"It's okay." Emily answered without a conscious thought but then she realized that it was her who should have apologized. "No! I mean... I'm sorry. I am the one who should say sorry," she added.

"Could you please stop apologizing to each other? The food is getting cold, okay?" Beryl had run out of patience and she waved her finger at them like a grown-up.

Fortunately, Beryl's precocious behavior was the comic relief to an absurdly dramatic situation, as both Emily and Sean broke into laughter.

Ever since Jacob came back, Beryl had been back to being the jolly little girl she was before.

For some time, it seemed as though everything was going to get better.

'Jacob will regain his memory. I am sure of it, ' Emily thought in her mind.

"Beryl is right. Let's not keep the food waiting!" said Sean. He pulled up a chair and sat down next to Beryl. In truth, he would have eaten the food even if Beryl hadn't said anything.

After all, Emily had cooked the dishes for him. Sean cherished it even more because of that.

The only reason he went upstairs was to cool his temper, and as soon as he was fine, he came back downstairs.

"Yay! Let's eat!" Beryl exploded with excitement. However, the next moment, Beryl's brows frowned and lowered her head as if something was bothering her. She looked around and asked, "Mommy, uncle, where is Daddy?"

Sean gritted his teeth, struggling to keep his frustrations at bay.

'Why? Why? Why does everyone care about Jacob so much? Tell me why!' Sean screamed in his mind.

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