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   Chapter 526 Back to Being Emily

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6586

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Watching Emily's face change, Sean slowly added, "But maybe I can change the result."

She felt a little relieved, "Did you just frighten me on purpose?"

His lips angled slightly in a cynical smile, "Did I? But, you should be confident in me; after all, it was I who saved your baby."

"Yes." Distracted by the thought of her lost child, she wondered whether Sean could have saved him with his superior medical skills, had she been in D country at the time of his birth.

Seeing her pallid distress, Sean became serious, looking at her with a clinical eye, "What's the matter?"

She simply shook her head and flashed a wan smile, trying to assure him, "Nothing."

Unconsciously, Sean wrinkled his eyebrows. Suddenly he grasped Emily's hand to feel the pulse. Minutes later, his face sank and he asked, "Did you give birth to a second child? And where is the child?"

Closing her eyes, she tried to hide her pain, but her tightly pursed lips betrayed her, "The child died at birth."

"What?" Pain made Sean's pupils contract, and he couldn't control his anger, "Why didn't you tell me that you were with child? If you had told me, the child would not have died!"

"I'm sorry, but I didn't know that such a tragedy was going to happen."

"The child belonged to Jacob, didn't it? Does he have anything to do with the child's death?"

"No! Don't say that!" Emily interrupted him, quietly wiping her teary eyes, "The child was unlucky. It must be fate."

Sean sneered and turned to Jacob. "Am I wrong? He tried to kill your first child. It's not strange that he killed your second child. Amnesia cannot erase all his mistakes or his character!"

"What do you mean?" Jacob, who had quietly kept his temper for quite some time, suddenly jumped to his feet, his eyes burning scarlet as he slowly asked, "Why would I kill my own child?"

"You don't believe that you are capable of it?" Unafraid, Sean looked him straight in the eye, "I don't know if you've

. He had promised Emily to help, so he was quickly forming a devious plan.

Half-jokingly, he asked Emily, "Aren't you afraid I'll do something to kill him?"

She was stunned and then shook her head, "You won't."

He asked curiously, "What makes you think that I wouldn't? You know, he is the man I hate most. He robbed me of my sister and hurt her."

Subconsciously, Emily had avoided Sean's love, regarding his affections as only a brother-sister bond, "Because I believe in you and you are very kind to me. If Jacob died, then I would not continue on living alone. And you are certainly the one who would most wish that I live well and happy."

After listening to her words with a deadpan face, Sean suddenly smiled as complicated emotions flashed in his eyes, "Oh, you know me so well, Cloris. What should I do with you?"

Taking a deep breath she hesitated for a long time before answering, "Sean, I will always cherish you as my brother, but I am not really Cloris. I am Emily. I have never forgotten my identity in these years, and I hope you will never call me Cloris again, okay?"

"So, you want to go back to being Emily, for that man, and abandon being Cloris?" His eyes were filled with gloom and, doing his best to suppress something uncontrollable from bursting forth. He ached inside.

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