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   Chapter 524 Submit Your Beloved Woman to Others

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7491

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Jack could still recall the sight of her eyes reflecting the fireworks. It was like stars falling inside her luminous eyes, sparkling and extremely beautiful.

"Mr. Jack is really at leisure. Looking at the fireworks all alone. Are you thinking of someone?" A woman's voice suddenly came from behind him, the tone ladened with undisguised mockery.

He frowned, turned to glance at her contemptuously, then said, "What are you doing here?"

"I've come to see you, of course." Jennifer walked up to the French window, and standing uninvited next to him, enjoyed the fireworks which painted the night sky. Her lips curved into a cruel smile, "It's so beautiful. I can't imagine that someone like you, can be so timid and afraid of getting back the woman that he loves, now that she has returned."

"So what? It's my business." He was extremely disgusted with this harridan standing next to him, and his tone was not friendly, "Why? Do you want to take advantage of me to reach your own goals? I advise you to forget the notion as soon as possible. No one has ever taken advantage of me. I always take advantage of others."

Despite her plot being revealed, she was not embarrassed and tut-tutted, "You've seen through my plan? I thought that we might cooperate once, since you want Emily, and I want Jacob."

"Get out of here before I throw you out!"

"Why are you so angry? Think it over carefully. Are you willing to... to submit your beloved woman to others...? Then you really are a coward!"

"Jennifer, don't think I won't beat a woman. Now get out!"

Despite his anger, she was not afraid. Oddly, she seemed happy, as if she had found balance in her heart.

She reasoned that she was finally not alone in her misery. She was not the only person in the world who had fallen in love with someone who did not reciprocate. There were so many people who were experiencing the same pain and suffering as she was.

After Jennifer left, Jack hit the window angrily with his fist. The opaque glass became delineated with white cracks that spider-webbed across the surface.

Jennifer had asked him if he was willing to give up.

How could it be! How could he be willing to give up!

But what could he do? His love almost kille

Emily in person, then news came that Emily had been found.

That was why he phoned her.

Sean's voice was full of unconcealed excitement, "Cloris, is that you? Say something to me."

He was different from his parents. To them, Emily was just an adopted daughter. They considered that there were differences between Emily and their own daughter. If they lost one adopted daughter, they would have another and another...

But to Sean, Emily was different. He had completely taken her as his biological sister---Cloris. He devoted all his emotions to her, restrained and tolerant.

If it were not for his parents who had controlled him, he would have already flown to Z country to find out what had happened. Emily would have been rescued by him, and she would then belong to him!

"I'm alright. I am really alright." Even if she had once kept a distance between them, Emily still took him as her own brother, and felt warmed by his concern. She said, "Brother, don't worry too much about me. I'm living well now..."

She briefly told him the story, skipping over the details of the danger she had experienced.

Sean was terrified for her after hearing of her ordeal, but then followed uncontrollable anger and disgust, "Jack! I knew there was something wrong with him! I will not forgive him so easily!"

If it were not for Mr. and Mrs. Lu, his parents, stopping him, he would not let Jack live at ease after Emily had suffered so much. He raged at having been kept in the dark!

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