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   Chapter 520 Leave Here

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7709

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Jacob's lips frowned and he insisted, "I don't know you. Get out. You can't be here!"

"Help me! Please! I got abducted and sold to this man. He is always mean to me and he beats me. I know for a fact that I will die if I spend another day with him. Take me, please! I promise I'll do anything you ask me to."

Jacob and Emily's love story was widespread throughout the whole village. No wonder this girl knew about them as well, which was why she came to to seek help from this considerate man.

However, her initial impression of Jacob did not meet her expectations at all. His kind and considerate demeanour was only directed towards Emily and no one else. He yelled at the girl, "Fuck off!"

Suddenly, without any warning she pounced on him and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. "Please! Please, help me! I don't want to die..." she begged.

Just when Jacob was about to send her out, someone pushed the door in.

Lo and behold, Emily stood at the door, looking at them blankly.

Jacob's entire body froze. Although, he knew he hadn't done anything wrong, he had the expression of a man who had been caught committing adultery. "Emily! This is not what it looks like! Let me explain!"

Just as expected, Emily turned around and ran, disregarding him and his explanation completely.

Without wasting another second, Jacob pushed the girl away and ran after Emily. "Emily! Emily! Listen to me!"

Jacob ran after Emily like his life depended on it. Huffing frantically, he caught up to her and said, "Wait, Emily!"

Jacob clutched her arm tightly at once. The anxiety emerging in his heart drove him to babble nervously. "Trust me, Emily. I don't know who that woman was. She came into my room. I mistook her for you in the dark..."

Emily gazed into his eyes, silently. She took a deep breath and answered, "I know you would never cheat on me. But I don't want to talk to you right now. Just, just leave me alone."

"Emily..." Jacob could tell that all kinds of thoughts were whirling around in her head, so rather than intruding on them he kept silent.

Emily slowly pushed him away. In a voice drained of feeling, she said, "We should take a break."

All of a sudden, Jacob's entire world came crashing down. Every fibre in his body wanted to embrace her and stop her from r

to leave immediately. "If you don't mind, I need to rest now. Please leave my room."

Magee peered into her eyes and left without a word.

When he came back to his tent, Cherry had already showered and readied herself for him. She gestured at him salaciously and said, "My Magee, I've been waiting for you. Where have you been?"

"I just came back from Emily's." Magee didn't even want to waste his time lying to her.

Jealousy flashed in her eyes and she said, "What's so good about Emily? Why do you all like to see her so much?"

Magee pushed her to the bed and slowly undressed her. "Just some business."

Cherry reached out her arms around his neck and said, "What business? Can you tell me?"

"Leaving this shithole village." Cherry turned to mount him and used her hand to slip him inside her. Once she had Magee deep inside, she began to slowly rotate her hips.

She moaned in orgasmic pleasure until his answer registered in her brain, and she was flurried. "You are going to leave? Then what about me? Aren't you going take me with you?"

"Probably not." Magee drove himself harder into her with each thrust, about to burst wide open.

Cherry bit her lip to take him. She looked down and tried to kiss his thin lips, but he turned away. "Magee, why? Why? Ah..."

Magee never kissed her. He never had any intentions of doing so. To him, she was just a toy to meet his sexual desires.

"Because you don't deserve it."

In his vague memory, it seemed as though he had said the same words to another woman.

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