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   Chapter 518 I Won't Eat You Up

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6939

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Magee knew she was just being curious, so he blurted out, "Since you two are so mushy, you are making me feel lonely. It isn't easy to find a girl in the jungle. It was a mutually beneficial arrangement, even though I don't really like her."

Emily pulled a face in disgust, "You are such a jerk, as usual."

"I'm flattered." Magee said insouciantly, "In a way, I have avenged you, you know. Now, how about serving me a cup of tea?"

Daintily she poured a cup of aromatic tea for him, "What do you mean?" she asked with a raised eyebrow.

Running his fingers along the rough cup's pitted surface, he replied, "Don't you see? Whether Rose or Cherry, they both bore a grudge against you. But both of them loved me, and I dumped them. It broke their hearts. So, now they suffer for their deeds."

"That's a horse of a different color. You are a jerk by nature. Don't justify your love affairs with my suffering." Though she couldn't condone his deeds, she never felt any sympathy for women dumped by Magee, including Rose and Cherry.

In any case, it was their choice, so they must each bear the consequences.

In a way, she believed that they asked for it.

"I'm surprised that you still remember Rose," Emily said sarcastically, "I thought you'd forgotten her."

No one could be as cruel as Magee.

When he was interested in someone, he was willing to do anything to please her. But when his love faded, he would ruthlessly turn his back on them. His was a fragile and worthless love.

That was the reason why Emily had refused Magee. He was incapable of loving anyone except himself, to her that made him scum.

She would not choose him, even if she had never met Jacob.

Magee didn't want to discuss Rose any further as it dredged up some very complicated memories. He changed the topic smoothly, "I didn't see Jacob. Where is he?"

"He went to collect herbs for me," Emily replied with a cheerful smile beaming across her face, "The doctor were so skilled, that he relieved me from a long term illness."

Her happiness made him jealous. He looked d

Bear. And not the CEO of the Gu Consortium. Of course, we have nothing to talk about."

In turn, Jacob looked at the cup in Magee's hand with ferocity, "Stop. You don't deserve that cup of tea."

At once, Magee drained the cup of tea, and although the boiling liquid felt like lava going down, he managed to keep a dignified expression. Then, with a suppressed cough, he continued, "It must be hard for Emily, to stay with a peasant like you? Even I cannot put up with you."

Rage flared in Jacob's face, but he controlled the beast and said, "Keep going."

With feigned concern, Magee added, "She is a highborn lady. You were a suitable match for her in the past, as the CEO of Gu Consortium, but now that you've lost your memory, and everything... How can you let her suffer with you, living here in squalor? Do you really deserve her love?"

In response, Jacob clenched his fist until his knuckles turned white.

Emboldened now, Magee kept baiting him, "How can a highly privileged woman like her, love a poor peasant? She loved the Jacob who died. Not you, Bear, the farmer."

In an instant Jacob's patience snapped. Grabbing the table between them, he overturned it with a mighty heave, the edge almost hitting Magee's face.

Nimbly dodging the flying furniture, Magee kept taunting Jacob mercilessly.

"You are angry because you know what I say is the truth."

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