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   Chapter 517 Just Fend For Yourself First

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7702

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While listening to her words, Magee remembered another face. Yes, once there was also another woman who loved him like this and also regarded him as her savior.

How ridiculous! In this dirty world, who would consider saving anyone but themselves? Since everyone was living in sin, none was cleaner than the other.

A mocking sneer settled on his face, and suddenly he turned, pressing the woman down beneath him.

"Since you ask for it, I won't restrain myself now," he grinned evilly.


Groans of pain and enjoyment from the woman clung to the dark night sky. The tent was host to shockingly wild movements all night as the man and woman became tangled up together inside.

Cherry finally got what she wanted. Now she was immersed in great joy and also felt a growing sense of vanity, for she had become Magee Lin's woman.

The next day, careful that Jacob was out, she went to meet Emily. Walking into the yard, she found her sitting in the sunshine, bathed in a glorious glow, ceremoniously making tea.

Cherry walked up to her with her head tucked in the air, full of pride and brazen immodesty, "I have been with Mr. Lin," she promptly declared.

Her words stunned Emily momentarily and, as expected, she raised her head to look at Cherry in surprise, "You?"

"Yes, me! What do you mean?" Unsatisfied with her attitude, Cherry countered, "What's wrong with that? Why can't it be me? I love him and he loves me, too. Can't we be together?" she kept explaining, exaggeratedly trying to make it seem like a love story.

When it came to "He loves me, too" Cherry swallowed down her guilty conscience. She soothed her heart, reasoning that he would not have lain with her, if he didn't love her at all.

So, in her mind they really loved each other.

"It's none of my business whether you two are together or not." Emily patiently continued brewing her tea, not willing to give Cherry a second glance. "I just felt a bit surprised. It is a little strange. That's all," she said dryly.

"Why? What's strange about that?" Cherry didn't seem to understand at all.

"The women he usually had relationships with were those with big breasts, slender waist, long legs and fair skin. You're not his usual type, but maybe he's changed his taste?" Emily explained calmly.


oulders, probably made by Jacob from pelts collected during hunts. Its color was motley, and the quality was not brilliant. However, it made her look ethereal, like a fairy queen.

It seemed a little exaggerated to compare her with a fairy. However, watching her engaged in this pastoral scene, making tea so calmly and with focused grace, he could not help but feel that she was a fairytale being, casting a spell on him.

What an unearthly kind of woman she was! How many sides of her had he never seen before?

As he sat down, she suddenly raised her hand and fanned it in his direction.

He could almost scent her faint fragrance wafting in the air, "What are you doing?" he asked, smiling.

"The smell of other women on you is so strong that it makes me sick," she replied in sad earnestness.

Somewhat amused by her words, he smiled brilliantly, "Does that make you feel uncomfortable?"

She nodded, "She had recently hurt me. I hate her smell. I hate that you would taint yourself with her smell."

His smile faded. He had been unaware that Cherry had hurt her in the past.

Surely Jacob would not target a woman for no reason. Unless that woman crossed his bottom line, and that bottom line was Emily. Finally, he understood their actions.

"What did she do to you?" he asked, darkly.

Emily was unwilling to discuss what had happened in the past with Magee, for it did not concern him anyway. She then simply replied, "There's nothing to tell really. It's over now. How did you become involved with her?"

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