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   Chapter 516 Really Love Me So Much

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Jacob brought Emily back to the house. Without saying anything, he decocted the medicine and then fed her spoon after spoon quietly.

Emily felt as though there was something clearly wrong with Jacob. "What's wrong with you?"

After a long silence, Jacob said, "That man just now, who is he?"

Emily was at a loss. She then burst out into laughter. "You are telling me that you are jealous?"

"No, I am not." Not knowing why, Jacob did not want to admit it, but his ears had turned red. He looked at Emily and asked, "What are you laughing at?"

"Okay, I won't laugh." Emily refrained from laughing and leaned forward to pinch his earlobes. "Look at your ears. See how red they are? You are still lying."

"I just want to know who that man is," Jacob persisted, still unwilling to admit the truth.

"Then why didn't you just ask him that. Why are you asking me? You can only be so childish and unreasonable in front of me."

"It's not like that. I am not."

"Isn't it true?" Emily observed his face carefully. Suddenly, mischief popped in her eyes like two tiny light bulbs. "Since you really want to know, I will tell you. That man is a friend of yours, and mine too. We are on good terms..."

"Stop saying that," said Jacob. Jacob embraced her, but was careful not to hold her too tight. He gently pressed his chin to her neck and said, "I'm jealous. I don't want to hear it any more." His voice was like a dog that had lost its bone.

Emily hugged him as well. She didn't want him to feel upset, so she explained, "Sorry, I am just lying to you. We are just ordinary friends. To tell you the truth, he is actually your friend."

"But he loves you." Jacob's voice was sullen.

Emily was surprised by the fact that Jacob had caught on to that. Were all men in love particularly sensitive?

"But I don't like him. I only love you, forever and ever."

In the blink of an eye, Jacob's mood changed. He kissed Emily in the earlobe, and whispered, "Me too."


Magee and his men's arrival aroused a lot of discussion in the village. Since it was rare for so many people to show up at the village all at once, the villagers were worried about what they were going to do.

Since Magee's men had to wait for a long time, they decided to camp out in th

pt with Magee, she would become his woman, and then Magee would have no choice but to marry her.

However, when she entered his tent, Magee wasn't asleep yet. He felt a pair of hands groping on him and immediately, he grabbed her hands and pushed her aside. "I think you are seeking death tonight, aren't you?" His eyes were burning with anger.

His icy cold voice made Cherry shiver. Out of desperation, she threw herself at him again and kissed him all over. "Mr. Lin, I want to be your woman..."

"Do you really love me so much?" Magee asked her in the darkness.

Suddenly, Cherry stopped moving, she rest her head on his firm chest and said, "Yes, I love you very much. I loved you from the moment I saw you..."

When she was hanging from the edge of the cliff, she had lost all hope. With each passing second she could feel the rope weakening, as if the next second would be her last. At her most desperate and helpless moment, her hero came and saved her.

"There's a woman tied down here, Mr. Lin. Shall we save her or not?" a man asked his master.

Cherry clearly remembered Magee say, "Save her."

Perhaps, it was her desperation that drove her to think that his voice came from the Heavens. It sounded so beautiful in her head that she failed to notice everything else he said afterwards.

Magee's original words were, "Save her. She's still a human being. Maybe we can ask her the way."

Since then, Cherry deluded herself into believing that their encounter was arranged by God, himself.

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