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   Chapter 514 Help Me!

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Donny told Mrs. Yang everything. The fact that Donny knelt down to beg them to save her broke her heart. If it weren't for Donny, she would have been dead by now.

This fact, however, increased her resentment towards Jacob and Emily. After all, she almost lost her life thanks to those two.

While she was deep in thought, Jacob walked into the room.

Startled, Mrs. Yang's head jerked up when she saw Jacob. Fear had filled the corners of her eyes, like a mouse at the sight of a cat. Out of desperation, she stammered, "You, you back off!"

Donny was nonplussed by her reaction, and he asked, "Mother, what's wrong? Thanks to Bear, you're still alive right now. Why are you trembling, mom?"

"He, he..." Mrs. Yang was so shocked that she couldn't form proper sentences in her head. She just repeated the word "he" and pointed her trembling finger towards Jacob.

Jacob did his best to avoid making eye contact with her because it would remind him of the fact that she tried to kill Emily. It was the only way he knew how to control his anger and stop himself from strangling her to death. "Since you are awake now, I assume that you are well enough to leave as well. Please show yourself out, as you are not welcome here," he said coldly.

"Go! Let's go now!" Mrs. Yang tugged at Donny's sleeve. Mrs. Yang didn't want to stay at Jacob's place for another second.

Donny, however, hesitated, and he answered in timid voice, "But, but I've not seen Miss Beauty yet. I really want to see her..."

"No way!" Jacob and Mrs. Yang blurted out the same answer at the same time. Jacob said so because he was jealous, while Mrs. Yang was worried about Donny's well-being. She was afraid of what Jacob would do if he got mad at her son because of Emily. After all, Donny didn't stand a chance against Jacob.

This answer upset Donny. He put his hands together and kept begging, "Mom, Bear, I just want to have a look. Only one look, please!"

"And the answer is still 'no'!" For Jacob, the biggest tolerance to Donny was to set Mrs. Yang free. The only thing he wanted to do for the moment was to chase them right away.

A sudden footfall broke the ice between them and attracted their collective attention.

They all turned around to find Emily standing at the door in her overcoat. The deathlike pallor on her face showed how weak she was now.

"Emily, what are you doing here?" Jacob asked, as he strode towards her. He was sulking over her sudden appearance because he worried about her, and he wanted to take her back to her room at once.

Donny followed Jacob as soon as

sing matters:

The abducting and trafficking of the girls who got lost in the mountains. She wasn't too happy to find that there were new victims in the village. This issue had occurred so frequently that it even became a part of their daily life. However, Emily was unwilling to accept it.

The problem Emily and Jacob needed to fix was not only their own escape but also the escape of all the helpless girls who were being held here against their will. She could no longer turn a blind eye to the rise in the number of victims everyday.

However, before anything else, she knew she had to find some way to get in contact with the outside world.

One day, when Jacob was out gathering herbs, he found a lonesome Cherry walking by herself. Without further ado, he seized the opportunity and knocked her out of her senses. He dragged her body all the way to the edge of the cliff and hung her down

exactly where she had pushed Emily.

When Cherry came to her senses, the view she opened her eyes to froze her entire body in an instant. Out of sheer desperation, she screamed, "Help! Help! Help me!"

But, sadly, nobody came to her rescue.

Every passing second added to the danger of the rope breaking and sending her to her grave. She knew the rope wouldn't hold her weight forever, so it was only a matter of time before her life came to an end. Although, she wanted to scream and shout for help, she refrained from making any sudden movements.

"Damn you, Bear! And your bitch too! Go to hell! Look what you did to me? How dare you!"

Suddenly, a faint voice entered Cherry's ears, but she assumed she was hallucinating.

"There is a girl hanging from the edge cliff, Mr. Lin. Should we go and help her?"

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