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   Chapter 513 What A Silly Boy

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Emily hadn't expected that Jacob would ask this question. She could not help feeling sad and said, "Don't misunderstand me. I've always regard Donny as a child... actually..."

"Actually?" He interrupted in anger.

"The truth is, we once had a son, but he died at birth... Earlier, before I found you, I used to regard Donny as a child. He is just like a child, simple and innocent. He reminded me of our lost son. I used to wonder what our son would be like if he had grown up..." she said in a low voice.

She was revealing the deepest scar on her heart to him, having to speak of this great pain again. It meant that she had to suffer the devastation all over again.

Jacob was startled and asked, "We had a son?"

"Yes, I did not tell you before..." she answered. Struggling against the flood of tears, she tried a wan smile to comfort him and continued, "I'm not so lucky to be his mother. I failed to protect him. I'm sorry..."

"Don't say that," Jacob interrupted. He had never expected this and didn't want to see her so sad and morn-full. He soothed her, "I shall help him, I promise."

"Thank you," she said simply. She tried to contain her grief, but tears kept forcing past her eye-lids like they had minds of their own. Jacob felt her pain like daggers to his heart.

"Sorry, I'm sorry... It's all my fault. I'm so sorry..." he said.

He lightly kissed her teary eyes, covering the hot lids with his lips. He was racked with guilt and regret as he continued, "No more questions, I promise. I won't force you to talk about the past, if you don't want to, okay? Please don't be sad. Don't cry."

"I'm okay. I mean it. I'm okay." Struggling out of his arms she wiped her tears and asked, "Go and save Mrs. Yang. She can wait no more."

To Jacob, there was no one more important than Emily. He cared nothing at all for Mrs. Yang.

However, he had promised her that he would save Mrs. Yang. If it meant that Emily would stop crying, then he would keep his word.

"Fine, as you wish," he said in a low voice. As Jacob went outside he found that Donny was kneeling at the door, and hammering against it loudly, "Bang, bang, bang."

He looked pensively at Donny and then went to Mr. Barefoot's room, calling loudly, "Hey! Old chap! Wake up and save that woman!"

Mr. Barefoot had been sound asleep at this moment, and was angered at being woken up, "Damn it! You tol

do a good thing in reminding you of the past.

I'm such an idiot! How can I be with you like this?' he mentally swore at himself.

While Jacob left, Mr. Barefoot began his work on Mrs. Yang.

"Luckily, it's winter now, her blood runs thick, so the venom did not spread so fast. Otherwise, even I could not save her," said Mr. Barefoot.

Still frightened, Donny could do nothing but watch from the side and continuously mumble his thanks, like a mantra it sustained him.

"What a silly boy! Fine, come and help me!" the old man ordered.

"O...okay, of course..." the youth nodded.

The next morning, Mrs. Yang finally regained consciousness.

"Mummy! Mummy! You woke up! You finally woke up!"

Donny yelled excitedly and hurried off to call Mr. Barefoot to check on her.

Disinterested, Mr. Barefoot yawned and said, "Everything will be fine now that she has woken up. Now, I'm going back to sleep, and don't forget to pay!"

Returning to his mother with haste, Donny held her hand as he said seriously, "Mummy, Mr. Barefoot said that you will be fine. So don't be afraid. You will recover soon."

His mother looked at him with a frightened frown, tears falling as she asked, "Donny, what's wrong with your head? And your hand? Who bullied you? Tell me now..."

He shook his head happily and said proudly, "No, no one bullied me. I ran into the wall by accident, but I wrapped it up for myself. Isn't that cool?"

Crying earnestly now, Mrs. Yang finally considered that her son had grown up a lot in one night. 'But he was certain to suffer a lot in life, ' she thought.

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