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   Chapter 508 The One She Loved

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Emily couldn't help but glance at him. "Stop it," she said.

"All right," Jacob replied as he kissed her cheek.

The rope was about to break and his face had become serious, "Hold on tightly to me. We are going to jump into the river."

"OK." She was nervous and hugged him tightly, but before she even realized it, her body began to fall. "Ah!" she screamed.

The rope hadn't broken, instead she started falling because he had untied the knot which was around her waist and released her.

The couple clung together as they plunged into the turbulent river, sending up a great splash of water.

Sinking to the bottom of the river, Emily gulped in several mouthfuls of water, and her ears and nose filled in with the intense pressure of the deluge. She struggled fearfully as she began to drown! But in the nick of time, Jacob pushed her up to the water surface. Since the current was swift, they were washed down along the river course.

Soon they were confronted by a waterfall which roared ahead of them. Below it the water bubbled and churned in a whirlpool from which there was no escape.

Seeing that the waterfall was fast approaching, Jacob pushed Emily towards the riverbank with all his strength. She reached out to pull him towards the shallow waters, but failed to grasp his hands. The force of the river current carried him past her and suddenly they were separated.

"Jacob!" She felt his finger tips brush past hers and then he was hurled out of her reach, further and further away from her. A state of helplessness and panic overcame her, "No!" She screamed in desperation.

In the blink of an eye, Jacob vanished under the water. She didn't know if he had been washed away, or if he had been sucked into the waterfall and the dangerous whirlpool below it.

"Jacob! Jacob!" She screamed in sheer despair, but heard no response except the tearing song of the rushing river.

Fearing that she would lose her beloved once more, Emily collapsed onto the muddy riverbank, suddenly depleted of all her strength.

Why? Why was god so cruel?

Why was she reunited with him, only to lose him again?

She stared blankly into the turbulent waters, her mind numbed by despair. Then, she stood up and stumbled back into the shallow waters.

But as her feet touched the water, a large fat fish landed beside her in a spray of water that beaded her face.

The icy splash made her come to her senses. She looked at the river and saw Jacob bob to the surface of the river, and he began to s

tering together with violent trembling.

"Talk to me, all right?" He urged as he carried her upstream.

"All right," she replied as her eyes slowly closed.

"What kind of person did I use to be before?"

"You used to be..." Emily seemed to be recalling. She answered in an extremely low voice, her words made inaudible by exhaustion, "Mature, overbearing and omnipotent. Even if the sky fell down, you could withstand it. You always came to me when I need it most, just like a hero..."

He listened to her talk about the man he used to be, a man who was familiar, but also a stranger to him. She admired and missed that man, that Jacob, so much. This made him feel strange, as if his heart was soaking in lemonade, sour and astringent. Yeah, he was jealous of the Jacob he used to be!

The Jacob she spoke about was the Jacob of the past, but not the one of the present.

He had lost all those memories. The Jacob of the past was just a stranger to him, for he was totally brand new now.

Maybe the one she loved was the Jacob he used to be?

Dark clouds invaded the blue sky, and soon it began to rain cats and dogs.

There was nowhere to shelter from the storm, so he plucked a large leaf and made a cover for her, but kept moving onward, "Hold on, and we will be there soon," he tried to encourage the woman he loved over his shoulder.

"OK..." she replied vaguely. Her voice became weaker and weaker.

Not knowing how long it took, and how far he had gone, Jacob finally saw the village in the distance. His heart began thumping with excitement. "Emily! We'll be home in a minute!" Jacob cried out jubilantly.

But this time, he received no reply.

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