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   Chapter 502 I Want To Kiss You

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Emily was shocked at the girl's overreaction, but she said to Jacob, "Never mind. She's just scared. I'm fine now. Don't blame her,"

When he saw this ignorant bitch had dared to beat Emily, Jacob wanted to teach her a lesson. But he would never say no to Emily's request, so he forced himself to suppress any feelings of revenge.

"She's an ungrateful snake. If you helped her like the farmer did in the story, you would be dead sooner or later. We'd better take a detour to avoid them next time. Let's not ruin our mood again. They are so disgusting."

He guided Emily away as soon as he finished speaking. Turning her head towards the girl, she opened her mouth and wanted to say something but failed to find the right words. Clearly, she was such a poor girl.

Undoubtedly, the girl had lost the courage to struggle against her abuse.

The villagers looked on and discussed the couple behind their backs, but many onlookers envied Emily and Jacob and were jealous.

"Oh my! This Bear is such a loser. Look what a wuss he is! He only knows to say yes to his wife."

"Why didn't you say this to him when he was punching you?"

"Bear is a real big man, and he treats his wife so well. If only I were his wife!"

"Ha ha ha! I think you really need a mirror." "All right! Stop standing around and gossiping. I haven't finished my job in the fields yet, but spent my whole morning catching up in this drama. Alas!"

The audience gradually lost interest and started walking away. Some kind villagers carried the unconscious woman and the injured man into their house, while no-one showed the girl any concern. She sat outside hugging her knees with her arms, and tears began to roll like a shower of shiny beads coming unstrung.

Everyone knew clearly what had happened today. Although they disliked Jacob and Emily, the couple had helped the girl anyway, and protected her from the cruel punches of her husband.

She, however, didn't even say thank you, instead she beat Emily in response.

She was so ungrateful! Who else would ever help her now?

When she thought of Emily's clean and tender hand, the girl became so jealous of her, for she could still be well-protected in this village. The unfairness and sorrow

r a second and then chuckled with both hands covering her mouth. She giggled, "Are you an idiot?"

"Ah?" His face turned crimson now.

The shy look on his face was so rare that she kept making fun of him, "Whoever has asked to do it like you just did?"

He became awkward, and asked, "So, so what should I do?"

"Your amnesia even takes away your memory about this?"

"I guess so. I don't remember anything." Jacob looked depressed and wondered, 'Does she laugh at me because I know nothing about such stuff? I must have known much about these things before I lost my memory.'

If Emily could read his mind now, she would definitely have remarked, "You not only knew it well, but also did it well."

He could even have been called a legend in these matters.

But he, once a confident and accomplished lover, now looked like a boy who just reached puberty, shy and innocent. This was rare to see. And somehow she was more attracted to him, because of it.

She smiled happily when she noticed his lost expression. The worried look he now wore served as a confession that he knew nothing about relationships now.

Reacting to her smile, he could not help laughing with a silly smile, "Your smile is really beautiful, Emily."

As long as he could see her smile, he would do anything. Even feeling embarrassed and ashamed at his lack of knowledge was worth it for him now.

"What a fool you are." She held his face, and expertly imprinted her pink lips onto his thin lips.

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