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   Chapter 501 In Love With Someone Else's Wife Again

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8400

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Unfortunately, Jacob did not allow him to be proud for too long. He clenched his fist and slammed into the village man's face like a freight train, forcing a scream out of his throat. "Ahh!"

Jacob's fist hit his jaw with such force that blood pooled into his mouth. Before he could spit the blood out, Jacob continued battering him relentlessly until he fell to the floor. His chest gently rose and sank with each shallow breath he drew in.

When the old woman saw her son getting beaten up, she started to scream, "No! Please don't hurt my son! Somebody please stop him!"

Her cries brought the villagers forward. They stopped Jacob and tried to calm him down at the same time.

"Bear, what the hell are you doing? He didn't provoke you at all. What did you attack him like that?"

"Don't stick your nose where it doesn't belong. Just take your wife and mind your own business!"

"Do you have a crush on his wife or something?"

One of the angry villagers blurted out. All of a sudden, the crowd went silent. Anger and resentment was still fresh in the air.

'Does this foreign boy really want to steal the wives of the whole village? Does he really think he can bully his way around here? There's no way in hell we'd let him get away with that!' The villagers cursed at him silently.

Before stirring up more public anger, Jacob gave a snort of disgust and spat a mouthful on the ground. "Don't talk nonsense! The only woman I want is my wife. No one can compare to her! I beat this scumbag because he rubbed me the wrong way!"

"Even so, that's not a good enough reason to beat him like that either. Do you think you can hide the sun behind the clouds forever? No way!" The crowd blamed Jacob.

"Not convinced, right?" Jacob picked up the bloody mess on the floor that had been his adversary. Already his eyes were swollen over and bloody spit drooled from his slack jaws. Suffice it to say, he looked grotesque.

Jacob's cold, blade-like eyes scanned the crowd one by one. "Anyone who disagrees with me, stand up and face me," Jacob yelled.

Most of the villagers still remembered the painful experience from last time. None of them had the heart to stand up to Jacob, instead they verbally persuaded him, "Bear, if you go on like this, you will offend the whole village. Just stop it!"

Jacob couldn't care less about what the villagers thought of him. With his own two hands he grasped the bleeding man's head and brought his knee cap up to his nose. There was a blunt crack and blood

ful that almost all the men in the village wanted her.

While she was living with the Yang's, their son, Donny Yang, treated her very well. When she came to Bear's home, he also treated her very well. They never asked her to do any work and they treated her like a fairy.

And now, the girl couldn't believe her own eyes as she stared at Emily with disbelief.

Compared to the dirt and grime that adorned the girl's face, Emily was indeed, the most beautiful fairy she had ever laid eyes on.

It seemed like a lifetime ago that she was also a footloose and domineering city girl, but now she had become a fertility machine and a servant, wearing down her youth as well as her life.

Nobody would come to save her and nobody would ever treat her like a fairy.

She would rot away in this impoverished mountain village for the rest of her life.

"Are you all right?" Emily looked at her sympathetically and then she stretched out her hand.

Her hand was as white as jade, on which there were no calluses and the manicured nails were healthily pink and beautiful as sea-shells.

In an instant, the girl's face contorted with anger as she screamed and slapped Emily's hand away. "Get away from me! I don't need your hypocritical sympathy! I know what's on your mind right now! You are laughing at me! Go away! Just leave me alone!"

Emily was shocked and frightened by the girl's sudden outburst. The next second, Jacob rushed over and stood in front of Emily to protect her.

The red welt on Emily's hand filled his eyes with displeasure. "Does it hurt? She doesn't appreciate your kindness at all. Maybe we should have just let that man beat her to death."

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