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   Chapter 500 Are You Jealous

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Emily patiently explained to him that Donny was not a bad person, but Jacob was not convinced. Afraid of being misunderstood, she decided not to talk about it anymore as she didn't want to argue with her lover.

However, Emily didn't know that the reason why Jacob stopped her from visiting Donny was because he was jealous of Donny. Before they had reunited after a long separation, Emily stayed alone with Donny and in the villager's eyes, she was Donny's wife...

The mere thought of that made him burn with jealousy, and Donny became a thorn in his side.

How could Donny even think about stealing his wife from him!

Donny must have been a fool who knew nothing about how high the sky was or how thick the earth was!

It was a fine sunny day. Jacob had planned to go out and pick the herbal medicine Mr. Barefoot had prescribed to him. He needed to collect them and decoct the medicinal herbs for Emily to speed up the healing process.

Since Emily had nothing better to do, she asked Jacob to take her with him.

The thought of how lovely the day was and how Emily had been cooped up in the bungalow for several days, gave Jacob the idea to take her out for some fresh air. He went over to the next house and borrowed a cow, which he had carefully cleaned with a brush all by himself.

Jacob put his arms around Emily's waist to slowly pick her up and put her on the back of the cow. He even tied a rope round the horns of the cow so that she could hold onto something to steady her body.

Having been born and raised in the city, Emily was a city-girl at heart who had never sat on the back of an animal, such as a cow, before. The task seemed daunting at first, but once she managed to sit on the cow's back and find her balance, she was good to go.

"Do you think the cow's feeling unhappy because of me? Maybe it doesn't like it when people sit on its back?" Emily asked curiously.

"No." Jacob took a glance at the meek, old cow that had its head lowered to eat grass, and curled his lips into a soft smile as he said, "It must be happy to carry you. Come on. Sit properly. Don't be afraid."

With that, he took the ropes of the cow and said, "Let's go."

"Slow down." Emily sat on the back of the cow, swaying a little, and asked, "Would we be drawing too much attention to ourselves?"

"This is the only way we can show the villagers that you are my wife! We should draw the attention of every villager so that no one dares to dream of taking you away from me," Jacob explained in a loud, stern voice.

"You...You are like a little boy." Emily covered her mouth with her hand to keep herself from laughing. Although she thought the man's behavior was childish, there was a gush of sweetness in her heart, that made her cheeks blush

they bought from outside were different from the women who grew up in the village. The boughten women could become one of local villagers only when they bore their husband sons.

Furthermore, most of the villagers did the same thing to their wives. That was why they didn't intervene in the dispute.

"Look at this! If a woman doesn't listen to her husband or her mother-in-law, she will suffer the same fate."

"Yes. Pregnancy is a natural part of womanhood. She's been married to her husband for almost one year but she still didn't get pregnant. Is she infertile? Oh my god! If that's true, then what purpose does she have to carry on living? Perhaps she should just kill herself."

"Did she want to loaf on the job? How ridiculous! Serves her right! She deserves to be punished."

The villagers mocked and ridiculed the helpless woman. While they were spewing horrible words from their mouth, they cast a glance at Emily, giving her a hint that they were also mocking her.

Emily didn't care much about these harsh remarks. She got close and watched as the girl got brutally abused by her own husband. She could feel every hit as if they had landed on her own body.

"Jacob, this girl looks so helpless..." she muttered.

Jacob wasn't a kind-hearted man either, before or after his amnesia, but he cared for Emily so much that he understood her meaning as soon as he heard her words.

He reached out and took Emily off the back of the cow. After asking her to stand a little farther away, he strode towards the man who was still beating that girl.

The man kicked the girl in the stomach. Each one harder than before. When he saw more and more villagers gather around, a sense of pride rose in his heart. For some reason, he thought that beating up a poor, helpless girl would earn him respect amongst the other villagers.

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