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   Chapter 498 Inappropriate for Children

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7357

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Rita sneered and shook her head, laughing. She provoked David some more, "Well then, show me!"

Just after the words had left her mouth, David pounced on her like a blood-thirsty wolf, salivating at the prospect of tasting her body. He pushed her on the sofa and threw away her cell phone. Raw intensity surged through his veins as he bit her luscious lips.

"Hmm... Stop this! Don't touch me! It's in the middle of the night!"

"Honey, this is the perfect time and place for this kind of action."

Since the two children were already fast asleep in bed, they didn't have to worry about being caught in an inappropriate position. If there ever was a perfect time for this kind of action, this was it!

The monstrous hunger David had kept leashed inside was screaming for a release in the form of carnal desire. Subdued by the thirst for her body, David whispered, "I told you I'd make you pay for what you did."

Rita sunk her teeth on his shoulder and threatened, "Back off! Right now!"

"Ah..." The pain came out like a roar from his throat, and lit his senses on fire. "You saucy little minx! Do you have to bite me every time? Well I don't mind. I actually like it!"

"You're dead meat! Hmm..." Before Rita could finish, he slammed his tongue down her throat and the first moan escaped her lips sending her into a heady trance. He sucked in every word she tried to form in her mouth.

David sucked her tender, plump lips, like a hummingbird sucking nectar from flowers. Her sweet taste had driven him towards the desperation of a starving man sucking on bones...

While his long and soft tongue seemed to wrap itself around her, driving her towards insanity. She tried to pull apart for air, but he pulled her in closer and harder.

Dizzied, she heard the deep and lusting voice of the man whisper in her ears.

"You have to carry another child for me."

"No way! Ah! David! You asshole!"

"I like it when you talk dirty. Call me an asshole again!"


The cold wind was howling outside, but it was warm indoor. Their bodies entwined, keeping each other warm and sweating profusely. Rita melted like a wax doll under his body.

The both of them were going at it like

fely, they were about to go into their separate rooms.

Dylan, however, was unwilling to go into his room alone. But he knew his mother would not allow him to share a bed with a girl, so he couldn't sleep with Beryl.

'Alas! What a pity, ' Dylan thought.

"Good night, Beryl."

"Good night, Dylan."

This touched Dylan so much that he wondered, 'How could there be such a lovely girl in the world?' She was so sweet and soft like marshmallow. And such a lovely girl was his little sister.

Beryl looked at him curiously, trying to figure out why he had stopped talking all of a sudden. "Dylan?"

'Oh my god! Oh my god! Oh my god!' Dylan screamed in mind.

The way Beryl slightly tilted her head and looked at him was so adorable.

Looking at her little face, Dylan failed to control the little devil in his mind. He reached out his little hand and gently pinched her white and soft face, and said, "Beryl, you are so cute!"

Beryl was confused and she had no idea why he said so out of blue.

Dylan slowly took back his hand and sent Beryl into her room. When he was about to turn the lights on for Beryl, she accidentally tripped over and threw herself on him.

Both of them fell down to the ground at the same time.

But before they touched the ground, Dylan held Beryl in his arms, trying to protect her. The next second he felt something soft brush over his lips.

"What was that? ? ?"

"Oh no way! !"

He stole Beryl's first kiss!

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