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   Chapter 497 I Don't Want To Like You Anymore

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"Your flower is about to bloom. Don't you want to have a look at it?" Jack said it in a low voice while looking at the flower tenderly, as if looking at someone through the flower itself.

But when the maid looked at his eyes, she only felt a kind of unspeakable sadness. She had a premonition that perhaps her young master's loved one would never come back.

"Give me the flower." Jack suddenly broke the silence.

"Sure," the maid replied respectfully. She carefully handed the flower pot over to Jack.

Jack held it with both hands preciously.

"When the flower blooms, you will come back, won't you?"

No one dared to respond to him. Only the cold wind whistled through the silence. But the small flower bud in the pot seemed not to be afraid of the cold. It shook with the wind, which looked adorable to Jack.

Jack touched the buds tenderly. A small smile curved on his face, but soon it faded away.

"Let's go," Jack commanded his man.

"Yes, Mr. Jack."

Jack took the pot of flower to the company. Nobody dared to ask and nobody dared to discuss about it either.

In the evening, at the Xu's Mansion.

Rita just lulled both her son and Beryl to bed, when David came back, exhausted and tired.

"Do you have any information about Emily, yet?" That was the first thing Rita always asked David every time he came home.

David finally showed a smile after all the sighs and the frowns she got every time she asked. "Yes, we finally have some clues."

Rita was so excited that she immediately caught David's arm. "Is that true? Where is Emily now? Is she alright?"

"Don't get too excited, yet." David was afraid that she would fall down because of the excitement, so he held her waist and helped her up. "We just found something, but we are not very sure of it," he confessed.

"Just tell me now!" Rita got so anxious that she could not stay still.

David walked her to the sofa and told her, "By chasing after Magee, we sort of figured out where they are now. They should be at a remote location, in the mist mountain outside of Jingshi City. Rivers in Jingshi City pass there before they run into the o

loved one.

So eventually, David made himself cry.

"You are so horrible! I am working so hard every day to find Emily! You only ever ask for Emily when I get home. What about me? You never cared for me...Not even a word..."

In the end, he choked with sobs.

Rita was surprised to see David cry in front of her. She was lost in thoughts and did not know how to react. "You..."

"What now? I don't want to like you any more!" David turned around, heart-broken. However, he was secretly waiting for Rita to soothe him.

Rita felt like David looked exactly like their son when they lost their temper. They were indeed father and son, and they were both childishly silly.

Also, David was crying cause he was pissed?

What had gotten into him?

So Rita pretended to ignore David's sorrow and decided to mock him, "You are a grown man. Why are you crying like a 3-year-old kid? You are so childish, but this is so funny to me."

David was speechless at Rita's reaction.

He was sad and he couldn't talk about it, not even cry for it!

Rita also took a few photos of David while laughing. "Come on, little David. Look at the camera. Aunt Rita will take some photos of you so that you can remember your embarrassing moments."

'This is too much!

I can't stand this woman any more!' David thought to himself.

David stared at Rita's laughing face as he said to her, "Rita, you are going to pay for this!"

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