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   Chapter 496 I Am Just A Useless Rubbish

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6599

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Jack tried to cover his eyes in the dream, since he did not want to see the face of the corpse. But he was just fooling himself. A spell was put on him, so that he could not move his body.

So he saw the person lying on the ground.

It was Emily, who had lost her last breath already but with her eyes wide open. Her face and mouth were covered with blood and her expression was slightly distorted, as if she had suffered a great deal before she died.

The scene stung Jack's eyes. He roared in agony, "Emily!"

Jack finally woke up from the nightmare. His forehead was full of cold sweat, which flowed down his cheeks as he sprung up all of a sudden. His pajamas were already wet because of his sweat. He looked like he'd just been pulled out of the water.

His heart was still pounding in his chest, as if the it would jump out any second. He breathed rapidly, trying to calm himself. He took a long deep breath, and slowly exhaled a mouthful of stale air.

After a few minutes, Jack slowly recovered and became sober.

Outside, the sky was overcast and gloomy.

Jack opened the light and walked to the bathroom. He saw himself in the mirror, and he just looked like a ghost.

Under his pair of bloodshot eyes was the color of dark black because of the bad sleep he had been having for some time now. His skin had no luster and his handsome face was sunken down, thin.

Even his hair was messy. Since he was in no mood to care for it, it had grown very long.

These days, he lived like a soulless walking dead. The only thing that made him felt alive was the determination in his heart, the determination to find Emily back.

Where was she?

He just wanted to know whether she was alive or not. Her health was so poor that she couldn't stand much travels. 'Magee took her away regardless of her health! Son of a bitch!

It was like pushing Emily into danger!'

"Emily, I know I am wrong..." Jack murmured in the reflection of the mirror, "As long a

appened to Emily, they would hunt him down and his company would definitely be attacked!

He needed to recover right away!

Seeing that Jack already cleaned himself up, his man was relieved. He was glad that his master decided to look at the bigger picture over a missing woman. If he gave up the Gu clan for a woman, Mr. Gu might need to reconsider his successor.

Jack returned to his cold-blood president persona again, as if nothing was in his eyes. But before he left through the garden, he suddenly stopped.

"Did she plant the flower?"

The maid who was taking care of the flowers froze for a moment, but then followed his gaze and nodded quickly. "Yes, Mr. Jack. The flower had grown and even had a little bud on it. It might soon bloom."

At this point, she stopped consciously, afraid of their own young master's grief.

Jack deeply looked at that potted flower. The flower was rare and special. It was the seed that he once gave her, which was tough and vital just like she once used to be.

It grew and bloomed in winter, whose flower petals were as beautiful as pure crystal. It was so beautiful that people couldn't bear to desecrate.

It was like Emily.

No matter how long it took, even though her character had changed, the kindness and innocence in her heart would never change.

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