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   Chapter 495 I Love This Surprise Very Much

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 6879

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"Our... Our daughter?" Jacob stuttered as he asked. His eyes grew wide as he took in Emily's words. A stream of strange feelings arose from his heart, excitement and warmth. "How does our daughter look like? I would love to meet her."

Emily took a photo out from her pocket and handed it over to him. "Beryl missed you so much."

In this little photo, Beryl smiled like a flower, which was as pure and lovely as an angel.

Jacob took that little photo in his hand gently, as if it were some treasure. At this moment, something in his vein seemed to be activated, "So this is my daughter. Our daughter..."

Emily wiped the tears in her eyes quietly. She didn't want to tell him that they could have had a lovely son. However, death had mercilessly taken him away from them.

Jacob put the photo close to his heart, "Emily, we should leave here as soon as you are healed, shall we?"

He reached out his hands to hug her, but hesitated. He was worried she would not like it.

Surprisingly, Emily hugged him first. She placed her face close to his chest. She closed her eyes and said to him with confidence, "Alright, I believe in you."

Jacob felt his heart grow warm at her words and her touch. He tried to hug her tighter, but he was afraid that would hurt her fragile body. After consideration, he carefully held her in his arms.

"I will protect both of you."

He made a promise to her.

A drop of tear dropped from Emily's face. She said carefully to Jacob, "This time you can't lie to me any more."

"I swear to you that I will never lie to you again."

They warmly hugged each other with so much affection and longing.

The next day, Jacob returned home early with a gorgeous fox-fur coat. He walked toward the room in which Emily was living.

Mr. Barefoot was carrying a smoking dope. He was sitting in front of the door and murmured to Jacob, "You totally forget your benefactor now that you have your wife! Have you ever thought about whether I am cold?"

"Your skin is rough and thick. You don't need a fur coat. But my wif

ring, after a cold and long winter night, which made his heart warmer.

Jacob couldn't help but raise his hand and touch his face. He touched the place she had just kissed and put his hand down suddenly, as if it were an electric shock.

'She kissed me just now...

It felt good.

If only we could have more kisses...'

Thinking like this, Jacob inexplicably felt like a rogue. But she was such a beautiful woman, who made people want to get close to her unconsciously.

In the Jingshi City

The city had been a mess after Emily went missing. Jack and David had already looked into every place in the Jingshi City that all they missed was to dig into the ground.

People in this city who were affected by their fury and anxiety were angry but they dare not say it. They hope that Emily could be found as soon as possible.

Ever since Emily had gone missing, Jack had been having the same dream every night. In the dream, he was chasing another car which later crashed into the edge of the cliff!

Despair was like a big hand holding his throat so tightly, and he could not breathe normally. As if he would die of asphyxiation anytime.

However, his dream was not over yet. He dreamed that he himself and the rescue team went to the bottom of the cliff, only to see the car smashed beyond recognition and mangled bloody body parts lying on the ground.

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