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   Chapter 494 You Forgot About Me

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7926

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"Cherry, what are you doing here? Why are you here? Stop it! You have no right to shout at her. Stop bullying her!" A familiar and charming voice shouted to stop their confrontation.

Both Emily and Cherry turned around and they saw Jacob by the gate. He was carrying two bundles of sticks. He just came back from collecting firewood.

Cherry stared at Jacob. With her hands on her hips she said defiantly, "I do what I want! Yes, I'm here to bully her. So what? I'm better than her in anything! You should marry me, not her!"

Jacob did not want to talk to Cherry at all. He only cared about Emily. He went directly towards her and with his back turned to Cherry, he asked Emily, "How are you feeling today? Is she bullying you? Did she hurt you?" Jacob caressed Emily's cheek as he asked her gently.

"No, I'm fine." Emily shook her head lightly.

"You can complain as much as you want!" yelled Cherry. "One should answer for what she does herself! I do not deny anything!" she continued. Emily and Jacob continued to ignore her. Cherry felt even more annoyed.

Emily looked pale. Jacob could see that she did not look well. "I'm tired," Emily whispered.

Jacob slightly frowned as he deeply worried about Emily's health. "Go back to your room now and have a rest," he said.

Cherry clenched her teeth tightly. She never saw Jacob care about someone so much. "Did you not hear what I said?! Oh, God!" ...

Jacob watched Emily enter then turned around and looked at Cherry with burrowed brows. "You'd better not cause trouble! Keep quiet and don't you dare disturb her rest."

"You've only known her for several days! What on earth did she do to you? Why are you defending her? I guess that she must be the evil spirit who came from the woods to seduce you!" Cherry complained loudly.

"Shut up!" Jacob's straight face darkened, but his eyes were still gentle when he mentioned Emily. "I knew her far longer than several days. I knew her for years, many, many years," he continued.

Jacob thought that maybe they knew each other for a thousand years.

As Jacob felt that his love could not help but spill over from his heart after he saw Emily.

Cherry was shocked and hurt to see his gentle eyes as she knew Jacob never saw her the way he did to Emily. 'Why! Why! Tell me why!' Cherry's heart yelled.

"Bear, everyone in this village knows tha

n slowly and put Emily's hand on his chest then continued, "It was the first time that I felt that my heart was alive and I knew that every beat was all because of you."

Jacob lost his memory but he knew clearly that he was deeply in love with this woman in front of him. The feeling was so strong that he even could not control himself. It was just like an instinct.

It was the first time that Jacob was so eager to get back all of his memory.

He wanted to know everything about their past.

"Emily, could you please tell me everything about us? About our past?" he asked.

Emily paused for a while as she looked at him. She felt his heart beat with her hand, strong and powerful.

Jacob had become much simple and shy since he lost his memory. This was what Emily had never seen before. Now, Jacob was just like a young boy who had his first crush, looking at her, nervously and gingerly.

"Our past?" she murmured. "I would love to tell you everything you want to know," she answered gently.


Jacob learned about everything from Emily. He found out about his life.

Everything felt so familiar to Jacob, as if he was very close to the world Emily said. But sometimes, he felt that it was so far from him, too.

Emily did not tell him about their second baby as she was afraid that they would have to suffer from it again. Therefore, she just chose to tell him something happy.

"Beryl is our daughter. All she wants for such a long time is that we three can live together forever. If we could go back sooner, she would be very happy," she said.

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