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   Chapter 493 He Is My Man

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Emily realized that Mr. Barefoot was praising her beauty. She had never blushed that easily before, but now she felt her cheeks feverish. She could not help but look down.

"Hello, I'm Ja... Bear's fiancee. I came here specially to find him."

Mr. Barefoot didn't say anything. He just asked her to sit down and looked at the condition of her injured ankle. Then he asked her to stretch out her hand and diagnosed her by feeling her pulse.

"The injury to your ankle is not a problem. It will heal. But you've not recovered from a serious illness yet, and you're so tired and worried. You're extremely weak. I'd say it's a miracle that you survived till now. But you won't last three years if you go on like this."

After hearing what Mr. Barefoot said, Emily and Jacob both stared at him.

Emily never thought that she was getting this weak. When she realized that both her child and Jacob were dead, she had already wanted to die. So she didn't take care about her body at all.

Jack kept her alive by medicines and treatments, but he failed to prevent her health from deteriorating. Only when Magee told her that Jacob was still alive did she have the strength to live.

In order to find Jacob, the one she loved, she came to the mountain with her weak body.

It seemed she was in such poor health after the illness, but her body was so overtaxed that it was on the verge of surrender.

"Old man, you must save her!" Jacob said in a slightly trembled voice, with a pale face, and dark eyes filled with worry and tension.

Mr. Barefoot laughed with pride. Tugging at his beard, he said, "There's no disease I can't cure in this world. Since she is your wife-to-be, she is worthy of my help. Of course, I'll do my best."

Emily was not as worried as Jacob. However, she said in a grateful tone, "Thank you for helping me, and thank you for saving my fiance."

"Don't mention it. I saved him just because I wanted someone to take care of me when I'm too old to move," Mr. Barefoot said casually.

Emily felt that his words seemed to have some implied meaning, but she could not fully figure it out. She just asked, "Do you have a way to refresh his memory about the past without pain or suffering?"

"No," Mr. Barefoot answered, "Mem

st, then she suddenly thought of something and raised her chin with pride. "There are ten pigs, five cows, and twenty sheep in my family. And have you seen the field in the west? They are all owned by my family. As long as Bear marries me, these will all be his! And you! you have nothing!" said the girl.

Emily was amused more. "Oh, then your family should be a rich family in the village, right?" she asked.

At the same time she thought, 'If Jacob sold his soul for these properties, I would beat him hard.'

"Of course!" The girl looked complacent and said, "So I advise you to quit as soon as possible. You can't give him anything if you're poor. Aren't you ashamed of yourself?"

'Bear is the most handsome man in the village.

I had a crush on him long before. But how could I be defeated by this woman? It makes me so mad!' thought the girl.

"I really don't have anything here." Emily nodded and said in a very calm tone, "But I am good-looking."

The girl was taken aback for a minute.

But then she said with a hint of sarcasm, "What's the point of being beautiful? Appearance can't make money. You look so fragile. How can you do manual labor? How can you give birth to a son for Jacob? He should marry a wife who is virtuous. Do you understand?"

Speaking of giving birth to a child, Emily's sadness was immediately aroused. Her face suddenly clouded, and she was not as mild as before. "I don't understand. Please leave go back to your home now," Emily said to the girl.

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