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   Chapter 492 You Have Made a Fortune This Time

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Tears rolled down Donny's sad red eyes, giving him the look of a puppy whose bone had been snatched away.

Seeing him look this pitiful, Emily turned her eyes away. In a firm tone, she said, "Donny, I want to go with him."

Donny gasped as he heard this. Pursing his lips tight, he wiped his face dry in a hurry and suddenly turned around to run away.

This unhappy scene was playing out in front of Mrs. Yang. She tried giving Emily a fierce look, but soon changed her expression as she met Jacob's cold eyes. Turning on her heel, she decided to go look for her son.

All this while, Mr. Yang who was still lying on the ground and completely ignored.

Carrying the deer on his shoulder, Jacob was too embarrassed to hold Emily's hand again. He stole a look at her instead and asked, "Are you coming with me?"

Emily smiled brightly and answered, "Yes, I am."

This was exactly what made him glow with happiness, her beautiful dazzling smile. He felt as if he were standing in a garden of blooming buds and a whiff of fresh spring smell had just hit him.

No, he didn't really remember her. And yet, looking at her now, he thought, he liked her.

His heart had skipped a beat the moment he first laid his eyes on her.

Seeing her delicate beauty made him ache to be near her, and feel her.

As the two of them walked next to each other, the warm melting sun was dipping into the horizon. They too stepped softly on the green grass.

Emily looked at him gently, reluctant to move her eyes away, and ventured to ask, "You had said earlier that you had lost all memory. But what do your call yourself? What's your name now?"

"Bear." Jacob's ears were pricked hearing her angelic voice. He thought, "How sweet her voice sounds." Then he asked, "What's your name?"

"My name is Emily Bai. I hope you will never forget it."

"I don't think that will happen. I will keep it safe locked in my mind." The name "Emily Bai" echoed in his mind, and suddenly a feeling of familiarity welled up. It somehow felt that he himself had uttered the name countless times before. Recovering from this unexpected realization, he said, "It is a really sweet name."

To him, his own name sounded as vulgar as hers was elegant. They were far apart like heaven and earth. He was no match for her at all.

"You had a very sweet name, too." Staring into his dark chocolate eyes, she smiled and said, "Does Jacob Gu ring a bell? You were once called that. Can you remember?"

"Ja-cob Gu." Jacob repeated after her, and felt his head throbbing with a dull ache. He felt his nerves swell up with

u snatched the bride of another man?"

"It's kind of true," Jacob said after a moment's thought.

"Gah! If you are so proud of what you just did, why did you bring her here? You can cure her anywhere you like but what made you think that you two would be welcome after what you just did?"

"Old man. I apologize. Please try to understand. It isn't at all the way you think."

"Bring her in"

The curt replies of Mr. Barefoot made Emily subconsciously look at Jacob. He was certainly a grumpy odd man.

Jacob could feel her hesitation to approach the miracle doctor. He calmly took her hand and said to soothe her, "Don't be afraid. He is not a bad man. Let him treat your wound."

"OK." She nodded and followed him inside.


As she entered the house, a shaft of light seemed to be falling on the doctor's face. Just like his surroundings, he too was unkempt. Both his hair and beard looked matted as if they had been neglected for a long time. His wrinkled face was dirty and clothes so torn and tattered that the patchwork hardly seemed to hold up anything together but still covered his bony frame.

In a nutshell, he was just a skinny ungroomed old man.

His appearance was exactly the opposite of what Emily had imagined.

Though he was untidy and untrimmed, he had a pair of bright piercing eyes, with which he was now looking at Emily. His stare had an element of scrutiny in it.

But soon he nodded seriously.

"Bear, you have made a fortune this time."

As a result, he forgave Jacob for telling all wounded villagers to come to him.

Hearing what he said, Jacob felt his ears burning, for somehow his heart jumped with joy when Mr. Barefoot thought he and Emily looked good as a couple.

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