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   Chapter 490 Don't You Remember Me

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Emily couldn't see clearly with tears in her eyes. She wiped them away and stared at the man in front of her. The figure started to become more and more clear now and this surprised Emily.

Was she dreaming now?

The man in front of her looked exactly like Jacob.

But Emily wasn't sure if she was dreaming or not. She stood up quietly, fearing that she would frighten the man and he would just run away.

When she was on her feet, though she was trembling from the pain, she whispered softly, "Jacob Gu?"

The man was about to grasp Mr. Yang's neck when he heard Emily's voice. His heart could recognize the voice and it made him stop for a moment.

A voice inside his head was telling him to turn around.

The voice also said that the woman was special to him and she was the best gift from God.

Jacob threw Mr. Yang away like garbage and turned to see the woman whom he just saved. He approached her and looked at her face. When he saw her face clearly, his eyes widened in disbelief and it felt like his heart was being hit by a hammer.

"Bang! Bang! Bang! " He was suddenly overwhelmed with unknown joy.

When Emily met his deep eyes, she could no longer control her emotions. She rushed into him and embraced him so tight.

"Jacob! Oh, Jacob!"

She got so excited that she could do nothing but say his name repeatedly. Her arms wrapped Jacob tighter.

Jacob held her back and unconsciously caressed her back to comfort her gently, "Don't cry."

But instead of stopping, Emily's cried harder. Tears rolled down her cheeks like a stream. The moment she saw Jacob, she became weak.

When she thought Jacob was dead, she suffered a great deal of fear, sadness, despair, and helplessness. But she didn't have anyone to share those with, so she buried them deep in her heart and made her numb. But at this moment, all the suppressed feelings rushed back to Emily's mind and heart.

When she finally saw the man with whom she depended on, she wanted to cry out all the negative emotions she had experienced in the past.

"How can you do this to me? How can you leave me for so long? Do you have any idea what happened when you were gone? You're such a big liar!" she shouted at him.

Emily remembered when Jacob said that he would stay at her side to protect her and make her happy. But

we must teach her and her lover a lesson today!"

"We can put them in the river and drown them."

They started a gossip that grew into a malicious thought for the rest of the villagers.

Jacob pulled Emily behind him to shield her from the evil-minded stares. He cast raging looks at each one of the villagers around and said firmly, "I want this woman."

"No way!" Mr. Yang refused firmly. She felt embarrassed by the man's courage to say those things. She continued, "Do you know how much I spent on that woman? I bought her for my Donny. She's my son's wife. And she has to fulfill her duties to give birth to my grandson and carry on our family line."

Emily cast a look at Jacob and shook her head discreetly.

Jacob held her hand tightly. He then patted her back to calm her and loosened his grip on her and walked into the tall grass. A few seconds later, he came back dragging a bloody deer and threw it into Mrs. Yang foot.

"Then let's exchange," Jacob offered.

"Are you kidding me? Do you want to buy this woman with a deer? I won't let her go even if you give me lots of money. She is my son's wife. So, you'd better give her back now!" Mrs. Yang said with rage.

"Oh." Jacob responded sarcastically. He looked at Mrs. Yang as if examining her then said, "You really don't want to exchange?"

Mrs. Yang spat on the ground and said, "Fuck you! I will never agree to exchange!"

Jacob showed a helpless expression and said, "If that's what you want, then you leave me no choice. I will take her by force then."

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