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   Chapter 489 I Have To Find Him

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9077

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Even though their parents told them not to go near Emily, the boys still wanted to play with Emily and Donny. So, they all soon ran back to them.

Seeing their innocent faces, Emily asked, "So, do you know how to be nice to Donny now?"

The boys nodded obediently and answered, "We will never bully Donny again. We want to be friends with him. Miss Beauty, will you also play with us?"

Emily didn't respond but instead turned to Donny and asked, "Do you want to play with them?"

The boys also turned to look at Donny, too. Their eyes were filled with hope and tension at the same time.

Donny couldn't speak at first because he was shy. Eventually, he slowly nodded his head and stuttered, "Yes."

"Hooray!" The boys cheered.

Emily was affected by their excitement and smiled. Emily thought to herself, 'If I didn't lose my baby, he would probably be like these active young boys today.'

However, maybe God still needed her baby more in heaven.

She also wondered what Beryl was doing right now.

Emily gave the boys grasshoppers and dragonflies she made from leaves. She sat there and watched them play. Seeing the children play made her feel less stressed.

But she was still keen on her plan to find Jacob and bring him back. Then she would get Beryl so their family would be reunited again.

"Donny, I want to ask you something," Emily suddenly said as she glanced at him. Donny also looked at Emily obediently. She pretended to be casual and continued, "Where does Mr. Barefoot live?"

Donny thought about it and pointed at the direction, "He lives there. It's very far away and it will take a long time to get there if you walk."

Emily nodded and pretended not to pay attention, but she was discreetly memorizing it.

At noon, everyone who was working in the fields had their lunch under the shade of the trees. Afterward, they would take a nap at the same place to save time instead of coming home.

This was the perfect opportunity for Emily. She lightly plucked Donny's sleeves and said, "Donny, I want to...pee...could you tell me where I can..."

When Mrs. Yang heard it, she looked at Donny and said, "Come on, Donny! Go with your wife and lead her the way wherever it is!"

Emily somehow gained Mrs. Yang's trust after what she did for Donny. Mrs. Yang thought that she didn't need to watch Emily's every move all the time.

Donny felt happy when he heard the word "wife" and cheerfully replied, "Okay, I'll accompany her."

Donny took Emily through the dense bushes a little far from their fields. Mr. Yang saw them, and a wicked idea came to his mind.

Emily wasn't feeling the need to answer the call of nature, but she used it as an excuse to go further and

agged Emily farther into the tall grass and began to take his clothes off. He maliciously said, "Come on, I know you want it, too. You wouldn't run this far and lure me into this place if you didn't want it."

"Shut up! You're an asshole! Don't you dare touch me!" Emily stared at Mr. Yang with her eyes filled with rage as if she could bite him anytime. She asked, "What if your wife and son found out about this?"

"Oh, come on! Don't ruin this moment!" He continued with erotic eyes, "But even if they knew about this, there's nothing they could do. Do you seriously think I fear that old hen? Me and my daughter-in-law finally making love! This is so exciting! You'll surely fall in love with me after you find out how good I can be with sex. I will make you scream with pleasure!"

When he was talking dirty to Emily, someone suddenly grabbed his back and pulled him away from his prey. He was slammed to the ground so hard.

"Who the fuck you are to spoil my fun?"

But before Mr. Yang could express his fury, he felt a punch on his face.

It was so hard that it made his sight black out for a moment. He covered his head with his arms before a rain of hard punch fell on him.

"Ouch! For Christ Sake! Stop! Please stop! I'm sorry!"

Mr. Yang begged for mercy, but the man didn't stop and beat him to death. Every punch was so strong and full of rage as if he was beating a sandbag. In the end, Mr. Yang fell unconscious and could not make any more noise.

Emily, on the other hand, was staring at the tall and strong man in front of her. Everything started to felt like slow motion to her. 'Am I in a dream? Is it really him?' She wanted to do something, to scream his name and throw herself into his arms, but in the end, she could only stare at him with tears rolling down her cheeks.

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