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   Chapter 488 Who The Hell Do You Think You Are

The Spoiled Girl By Changdu Characters: 7805

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Emily was handy with these kinds of stuff as she used to make toys with straws for her daughter. She made small bright dragonflies and grasshoppers out of leaves. Not too long, the children in the village were attracted by her crafts.

"Look at this small dragonfly! It's so cute! Does this fly?

"You are so good, Miss Beauty! Can I have one?"

"Miss Beauty! Miss Beauty! You don't have to be with this idiot. Would you marry my brother? We have lots of fields and bulls. You don't have to work anymore."

Although Donny didn't understand what the word 'poaching' exactly meant, he had a strong feeling about what was happening. He knew the brother of the little kid talking to Emily. His name was Ben and he was tall and strong, and a lot of girls liked him.

"Hey, back off! Your brother can't have her. Miss Beauty is mine! None of you can take her away from me!" Donny yelled. Donny would never get angry at anything even if he got insulted or hurt, but this time he was furious. It was the first time the kids saw him like this, and he looked like his mother when he was angry – scary and frightening.

The kids who insulted him backed off out of fear. Since there were also adults, they could not throw stones at Donny. So, they just spat at him instead. "You're an idiot! Yeah, that's right! You idiot!"

"An idiot like you doesn't deserve a pretty wife like her!"

"I'll tell you this today! When I grow up, I will take your beautiful wife!" a kid named Bob said.

"I won't let you!" Donny was so furious that his face turned red. He yelled, "I'm not an idiot! Buck off, all of you!"

"Stop it all of you!" Emily shouted. She could not stand seeing Donny being bullied by the children. She rebuked, "Did you know what you just said? Did you know it's bad to hurt other people's feeling? You apologize to Donny, right now!"

She held Donny's hand and his rage disappeared.

The kids looked at each other and shrugged, "Why should we? We're just telling the truth!"

"Don't you know you hurt Donny's feelings? That's not telling the truth. That's insulting others!" Emily calmly said.

"Do you think you can teach us a lesson with your pretty face?"

Emily was always patient with children. But this bunch of rascals were different that she sneered at them, "You don't want to apologize? Fine. Then let's

the other children to see her child as a normal human being. But now, all of them apologized to Donny and promised they would not bully Donny ever again.

Emily bit her lips and answered, "I will do it to anyone who needs help."

"Here, drink this. Because you helped my son today." Mrs. Yang gave Emily her water bottle and handed a few fruits to her son. Then she turned around and left.

Donny immediately gave the fruits to Emily. His eyes were glowing with happiness. He said, "Miss Beauty, you can have these fruits. These are tasty!"

Emily smiled and shook her head, and answered, "I'm fine. You eat it."

"But I want you to taste it, or I'll be sad."

"Well, as you wish. I will take one."

"No! You get whatever you want, and the rest will be mine."

Mrs. Yang didn't expect that Donny would share his fruits with Emily. Mrs. Yang complained in her mind, 'Now that you have a beautiful wife, you have thrown your mother out of your mind, silly boy.' Deep down, Mrs. Yang was happy to see how his son had changed after Emily arrived.

She could tell that Emily was treating Donny right.

Unlike any other girls in the village, Emily didn't treat Donny as a half-wit. She was patient and gentle with him.

Mrs. Yang knew Emily was a kind and loving girl and there was no way she would let her go.

She had found someone who would take care of Donny when she died. Even though she knew it wasn't right to keep Emily, she had no choice but to sacrifice her.

Mrs. Yang thought, 'I will treat you better to make it up to you."

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