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   Chapter 487 Donny's Wife

The Spoiled Girl By Changdu Characters: 9288

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In the days that followed, Donny treated Emily very well. He provided for whatever she needed - food, medicines, comfort. Donny kept his father at bay and tried to make Emily feel as comfortable as he could.

As Emily tried to make conversation with Donny one day, he nodded at her, trying to comprehend what she was saying. "Tell me what I can do for you?" he asked, as that was all he could offer to her in exchange for her willingness to play with him.

"Nothing, yet." she said. Emily knew Donny would never hurt her but she decided not to reveal too much as his mother was not as kind and genuine as him.

They played together for a while before Mrs. Yang appeared at the door, "Donny, we are going to harvest potatoes. Do you want to join us?" asked Mrs. Yang.

"Of course!" Donny answered, excitedly.

"Okay, good boy," said Mrs. Yang, who always treated him like his little boy. Mrs. Yang's eyes were warm with motherly love until they landed on Emily. Reluctantly, she said, "Hey, you... come with us too. We never feed idle people."

"Umhm.. Got it." Emily nodded her head lightly, feeling obliged and dutiful.

But Donny disagreed with his mother, refuting, "Mommy, how can you make my fairy do such hard labor? She is so beautiful. My fairy. She shouldn't work!"

"Oh, is it? Who will support your fairy if she doesn't do her part? You? What would you do? Give her your food and starve?" she asked back. One could detect the casual contemptuousness regarding Emily in her voice.

"Of course I will! I support her," Donny said with that serious conviction of a child, puffing out his chest with pride. "I swear to support her," he repeated.

Mrs. Yang was amused at her little boy's determination and pulled his ear gently, saying, "Right now, you yourself need my support. How will you support others? You really are going to follow the old saying, 'once the son is married, the mother is forgotten!' Hahahahaha," laughed Mrs. Yang.

'You have not married her yet, my silly boy. How could you protect her like this?' Mrs. Yang thought in her mind. For one second, she even did not know whether it was right or not to keep Emily here.

Her smiling eyes shifted to Emily, becoming narrow and cunning. "You'd better not try to escape. This is our territory. You cannot escape! Don't even think of it!" She pointed her forefinger at her, intimidating.

"My fairy will not escape, mother. She likes me. She is different from all the other girls here..." Donny refuted loudly, grabbing her mother's arm.

"Fine, fine, fine. Got it. My silly boy! How could you fully believe what others say..." Mrs. Yang soothed him gently.

As for Emily, she got a chance to finally step out of the room. The arrangement was that one of her ankles would be tied

ospect of having a beautiful wife. Surely, you must cherish her!"

The voice sounded familiar to Emily. She turned to look at the woman and immediately recalled she was the woman who had cheated her before and sent her to Mr. Yang!

Emily had heard Mrs. Yang saying she was sold to them by this woman for 2000 dollars, which was a huge amount of money for a villager.

Other women were bought for a lot cheaper here.

The woman caught Emily looking at her and suddenly panicked, looking away immediately.

Mrs. Yang, standing a little further away, heard what she had said and looked at Emily's almost-empty basket. "You scum! You couldn't even dig one potato! Why should I let my son marry you, if you're so useless!"

Still, she did not force her to go on. She understood Emily was different from the others girls of the village. She was weak and fragile, and didn't look like she had done any physical work before in her life.

'I paid 2000 dollars for you!

If you cannot work, at least give me a grandson soon! I never pay for a fruitless deal!' Mrs. Yang thought, calculating.

Truth was, she had never expected Emily to work. She had just brought her to show off as well as keep an eye on her! She would never leave Emily alone at home while the whole family was working in the farm. Although she looked like she would faint any second, what if she still managed to escape?

Mrs. Yang told Donny to take Emily away under the big tree nearby at which many girls felt jealous. They were never given a break. Well, seemed like luck came along with a beautiful face by default!

Emily was relieved. She played with Donny under the tree for some time, making dragonflies and grasshoppers out of fallen leaves. All she thought of was how she could find a chance to see the handsome man in the village, who she suspected was Jacob.

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