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   Chapter 486 I Promise To Keep You Safe

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When Magee finally came back to the cave, he brought some food with him. But he didn't find Emily there, so he searched the whole cave but found no trace of Emily everywhere.

"Emily? Emily!" Magee called her name out loud but didn't get a response. Only the echo of his voice bounced back to him and surrounded the empty cave.

'Where on earth did you go, Emily?' Magee started to feel anxious.

He put down the food and left the cave to find Emily. He looked around and tried to trace the possible path Emily took, but he realized it was like looking for a needle in a haystack.

'Perhaps Emily went out to look for me. She must be worried, otherwise, she won't go out on her own. I should have come back early. No, I shouldn't have left her alone in the first place. What was I thinking?

She is weak and injured. What if she slipped and fell over? What if she fell unconscious in the woods? What if she encountered a beast? No one was there to help her.'

Magee tried to focus himself on finding her, but he couldn't stop thinking of the worst case scenario that could have happened to Emily. The thought of her getting into trouble made him panic, 'I shouldn't have taken her here in the first place.'

"Emily! Emily!" Magee kept shouting.

Suddenly, he heard a response from somewhere not too far. "Sir!" It was his guards. They traced the route and found Magee.

Magee was frustrated with them for showing up too late, but he would rather save his energy to find Emily. He clicked his tongue and said, "Listen up! Emily is missing. Go and find her! Move now! Whatever it takes, just find her!"

"Yes, sir!" The guards were tired and would like to rest for a moment, but when they sensed the anger in Magee's tone, they dared not to say anything.

They knew that the only thing they could do right now to pacify Magee's anger was to find Emily.

Magee followed his guards in searching for Emily. She was injured so she couldn't have gone too far, but they still couldn't find any trace of her.

"Sir, look at this! This looks like a footprint from Ms. Emily!" one of the guards suddenly said when he spotted a footprint.

"Let me see it." Magee took a step forward and

his nerves.

She picked up a golden straw and twisted into a cute ring. She put it in Donny's finger. "Here, this is for you."

Donny was thrilled. "It's so beautiful! My mom has a ring, too! Does that mean you're my wife now? I'm so happy!"

Donny's childish laugh reminded Emily of her lost baby. She paused for a moment and tried to hold the tears back. She then asked, "Can you tell me now, please?"

Donny paused for a moment while he played with the straw ring quietly, then said slowly, "He is a good-looking person, just like you. But I don't like him at all."

"And why is that?"

"Because all the girls in this village like him instead of me. They don't play with me. They just want to play with him."

"Really?" Emily described to Donny what Jacob looked like. She then paused and asked, "Is that what he looked like?"

Donny nodded obediently and said, "I think it's him."

Emily was almost sure that it was Jacob, but she still couldn't put her hopes high until she could see him in person.

That would be the only time she would believe.

"Miss Beauty, you can't like him. You can't do that! I won't allow you to do that!" Donny was now jumping with his arms waving in the air, "You can only like me! I promise to be good to you all the time and will keep you safe!"

Emily smoothed his hair and tapped him on the shoulder, "Don't worry. I was just trying to get to know the village. And thank you for being nice to me, Donny."

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