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   Chapter 485 Do Not Screw Over My Son

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Emily immediately regretted her actions. She should have stayed in the cave and should have never believed the villagers in the first place. She put herself in great danger with her impatience and naivety.

She felt like a sacrificial lamb being taken to a monster to be eaten. She had no enough strength to resist and fight.

'No! This can't be. I won't just give in like this!'

The head of the village was ready to defile her. He looked at Emily with lust in his eyes. He was drooling like a dog. Emily was scared but could not let fear overwhelm her. She knew that she must do something to fight. She would bite him if he dared to touch her. She was ready until someone suddenly kicked the door open. "Bang!"

Emily saw a silver lining as soon as the door opened. At first, Emily just saw a figure but when her eyes adjusted to the light, she finally saw a tall, sturdy, middle-aged woman.

"Hey! What the hell are you doing here?"

The woman howled with rage that frightened the village head. In his fear, he fell off the bed and hurt himself. He squealed in pain, "Ouch! Sweetheart! I can explain! It's not what you think it is."

'Damn it! What is this tigress doing here? She shouldn't be home by now! Fuck! This old bat has spoiled the fun, ' the village head thought in his mind.

His wife twisted his ear, and lifted him up, "So you're cheating on me with this woman while I'm gone? Kneel, you pervert!"

The village head immediately knelt like a child being scolded by his mother. His whole body was shaking in fear.

He pointed at Emily and put the blame on her, "Sweetheart! I was just a victim here! That bitch seduced me. I didn't know what I was doing. It was all her fault! Ouch! Easy!"

"Do you seriously think I'm that stupid? I know you better than you know yourself. Don't touch her. We'll make a lot of money out of her if she's untouched. We need the money for Donny to see a doctor. Do you hear me?!"

Emily was shocked, and her body froze for a moment. When she came back to her senses, she tidied up herself then said, "You need money? I can give you a lot of money if you let me go."

"Let you go? I just told this old pervert husband of mine that I am not stupid. Are you even listening? If we let you go, you will surely take revenge on us," The woman snorted with contempt. She kicked the village head and walked towards Emily, "Well, you look like

, "Mom! I want to eat! Bring me some food!"

A few moments later, the woman showed up with delicious food on a tray. She glanced at Emily who was sitting on the corner. Emily looked weak to her. The old woman sneered at her, "Do not screw over my son or you'll face the consequences."

"No, Miss Beauty will not screw over me!" She will play with me!" The young man said to her mother. He didn't like the way his mother talked to his new friend.

"Okay, I heard you, son." The old woman might be tough to her husband, but she was a gentle mother to her son. "Tell me if you need anything. Mommy is just right outside the door! And you, little slut. Don't you dare think of any stupid thoughts!"

Emily shook her head meekly, "I won't."

After the woman left, the young man immediately brought the food to Emily, "Here, you can eat everything! After that, you and I will play!"

"Thank you." Emily needed the food to regain her energy, so she didn't reject him. But she could not eat much because she would throw up if she took in too much food

She was suffering from anorexia and her situation hadn't got better so far.

The food that the old woman served were mostly coarse. Emily had some porridge with corn to relieve her hunger.

The young man kept staring quietly at her with his innocent eyes and suddenly said, "Do you want some morning dew? It is said that fairies never drink water, because they drink only morning dew."

"No, but thank you. I don't need it." She stared at him and continued with a smile, "I'm just an ordinary woman.

I am weak, and I have no power."

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