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   Chapter 482 Did You Lose Your Memory

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Emily slightly lowered her head. Magee could not see her expression but an idea occurred in his mind. "Let them continue with their job. We shall wait here for them. What do you think about it?"

After a few seconds of hesitation, Emily agreed it seemed like a good idea. "Okay," she said with a slight nod. Looking into Magee's eyes, she said, "Thank you, Magee."

Listening to her touchy words, Magee moved away his eyes and cleared his throat. "I'm not doing it for free. I have my own purpose," he responded.

"If I really find Jacob, I am willing to do anything you want. As long as I am capable of doing it, I will do it for you. This is my promise to you," Emily said in a low but firm voice.

"Emily, don't boast please," he said. Magee humphed slightly but did not say anything else.

Soon, Magee sent out all his subordinates to find the village hidden in the woods and came back to accompany Emily.

The weather was acting strange. Clouds were rumbling in the sky and there were signs of impending storm.

"Let's go to take shelter from the rain, shall we?" Magee suggested.

Emily nodded and Magee immediately cuddled her up again. Emily did not struggle out of his arms even though she still felt embarrassed. She knew he wasn't doing it in an inappropriate way.

Now Magee walked carefully on the curve roads to get rid of the plants that would have scraped Emily. He seemed particularly careful as they passed through the thorn bush.

While they walked, Magee sometimes tightened his grip over Emily because he was worried about her. She was as light as a feather and could be blown away any second.

Under the circumstance, Magee started to feel that worry overtook him. Now he began to doubt whether he had made the wrong decision.

Emily was evidently in poor health and she needed time to recuperate. As Jack had hidden a lot, Magee was not sure about the extent of her suffering.

If he had known it was so bad, he wouldn't have told her the news of Jacob so soon. In fact, he would have waited for her to get better.

However, what had to happen had already happened. Now Magee could do nothing but make sure her condition didn't worsen.

The clouds became much thicker and darker which brought feeling of gloom over everyone. As the time passed, the rain started to increase its pace. It was now raining heavily.

"Hey! I can see a cave over there!"

could touch her, he pulled back his hands.

He clenched his fist to force himself from going any further.

Emily was just like a fragile flower when she was sleeping but one could only feel her resilience and thorns when one went close to her.

Magee stared at her for a while and gradually he found the answer to his puzzle. He realized why he felt himself being pulled towards this woman.

Emily seemed to feel his stare hence she opened her eyes and noticed Magee in front of her. "Magee... Why are you staring at me?" she asked with puzzled expression.

Magee did not peel his eyes away from her nor did he answer her question. It took him several moments to answer. "If... I mean, if we fail to find Jacob... What will be your next plan?" he asked.

"There is no 'if'." Obviously, Emily did not want to talk about a situation where Jacob wouldn't be there.

"Time will heal everything. You will find many people who will love you. There are more people care about you and you should probably care about, besides Jacob," Magee said.

"What are you trying to say?" she asked sounding furious.

"Many people, including me, are waiting for your love," he responded without any fear.

Magee himself was surprised at his brave answer. He had no idea where this courage came from.

On the other hand, Emily was stunned. Various emotions flashed through her eyes. She had no idea how to respond to him.

"Magee, if I am not wrong then I remember you saying you would never fall in love with a married woman who already has had two babies. Did you lose your memory?" asked Emily.

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