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   Chapter 481 What Is Money Saved For Wife

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Dylan sneaked into Beryl's room, holding a beautiful box in his hand, and closed the door sneakily like a thief.

Beryl was fast asleep with the curtains half drawn. Dylan dared not wake her up and he simply stood still at her bedside, staring intently at her sleeping face. The more he looked at her, the more beautiful she seemed to become in his eyes. To Dylan, Beryl was like an exquisite doll in a shop window, more expensive than any other one.

Beryl seemed to sense someone was in the room and turned over. As soon as she opened her eyes, she saw Dylan's small face which made her angry at once. But before she could push him, Dylan hemmed and hawed, trying to express himself.

"Beryl, I've come to apologize to you. I didn't know you were afraid... Well, that..."

"It's fine. It doesn't matter." Beryl cast a glance at him, and replied with a calm expression, albeit in a sleepy voice, "I forgive you. Now you can go out."

She was thinking, 'This is not mine but Dylan's home, where I can not be too capricious. Although Aunt Rita and Uncle David are very kind to me, they are different from my parents. I must behave myself while I am staying over here.'

"Really?" Dylan grinned and automatically ignored her last sentence, "Beryl, I brought you something..."

Hearing that he had brought something again, Beryl was a little frightened and almost instantly remembered the "surprise" he had given her that very same day. It hadn't been a pleasant one and had only held fright for her.

Dylan, aware of her nervousness, quickly tried to explain, "No, no, no. Don't get me wrong. It's really some thing, not a small animal."

Then, putting the big box on the ground, he took out a small key from his pocket, and opened the little gold lock on the box. With a click, the box sprang open.

Colorful bills poured out with several gold coins among them.

"Look, this is some money I have saved. It can be used to buy lots of candies and beautiful skirts... Now it is all yours," said Dylan.

Beryl could clearly see that it was a lot of money. Her face took on a puzzled expression. "Why are you giving it to me?" she asked, confused.

"As compensation," Dylan answered shortly, as if it explained everything.

"I don't want your money."

"Then you are a liar."

Beryl got confused and protested, "But I'm not lying. I really don't want your money."

had to land in my arms in the end, didn't you?"

The last sentence seemed to be a little romantic, and Emily could not help struggling, "No, don't hold me. I can walk myself."

"How do you propose on moving forward? Jump? That might make you sprain the other ankle." Magee stopped his bodyguards for a rest, then put Emily on a clean big stone. "Now, I'm not your trustworthy person yet?" he asked.

Emily knew it was impossible to move on since she was hurt. She had to compromise and rest. "I don't know," she answered.

Magee felt kind of uncomfortable after hearing her answer. He had done so many things for Emily, but she still did not trust him completely.

'What did I do all this for?

It's really...' thought Magee. He didn't know how to describe how he felt at the moment. He felt he was so low and silly for having promised to help this woman.

The accompanying doctor quickly came to take care of Emily, and told her, "Miss, it's better for you to rest more and walk less, otherwise the situation will most probably get worse."

Emily frowned immediately. She thought in her mind, 'Rest?

How can I rest? I have to find Jacob as soon as possible.'

Looking at her expression, Magee knew what she was thinking, and he told her coldly, "I don't want to take care of the disabled all the way."

As soon as he spoke, he felt that his words had been a bit too harsh, but it was impossible to withdraw them now. He could only relax his attitude a little and try to persuade her softly, "If Jacob was really saved, we would not need to be in a hurry, would we?"

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