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   Chapter 478 Miracles Do Exist

The Spoiled Girl By Changdu Characters: 9752

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Jack could now understand the pain Emily felt when she lost Jacob. Now that he had lost the person that he loved the most, the pain he was feeling was unimaginable.

There was no one to blame but him. He was willing to do anything to save her, but it was already too late.

He now regretted everything he did before that resulted to this. He hated himself for being stupid.

If he knew the consequence, he would have stopped the chase. If he had the choice, he would rather that Emily lived away from him, than die because of him. He would sacrifice everything just to save Emily.

Even if his own life was on the line.

"Emily, please don't leave me," Jack cried. Blood spat out of his mouth as he cried, and then he suddenly lost consciousness.

Jack's men arrived shortly. As they approached the scene, they panicked at the sight of the unconscious Jack lying on the ground. One of them rushed towards Jack and called, "Mr. Gu, what happened to you? Can you hear me?" Upon seeing that Jack was fully unconscious, he turned to the other men and instructed, "Call 911 immediately!"

We can't waste time. Mr. Gu has lost a lot of blood."

Jack was immediately taken to the hospital by an ambulance. He was treated in the emergency room, and when everything was settled, he as taken to a VIP room.

"Emily!" Jack shouted when he woke up from a nightmare. His face was covered in cold sweat, and his eyes were filled with panic and distress. His heart was beating quickly as if it would burst out of his chest.

In his dream, he saw Emily in the black car. She was crying and calling out to him as the car rushed to the cliff and fell into the abyss. It felt real which made Jack more anxious. He turned to his men and said, "Do all you can to find Emily. Bring her back to me safe and sound. Hurry up!"

His men were happy to see that Jack finally woke up. But the smile on their faces immediately vanished when they heard Jack's order. They wanted to speak but didn't know what to say to him.

Jack saw the looks on their faces and somehow had a bad feeling about it. He changed his tone from imperative to pleading, "I had a terrible dream just now. I dreamed that Emily was involved in a car accident. I know it's just a dream but I'm still worried about her. Please bring her to me. I will feel much better when I see her."

It was the first time that Jack asked for a favor. He usually demanded things, but out of desperation, he learned to plead.

So his men were surprised to hear Jack like this. They knew how much Jack loved Emily but didn't imagine that he would humble himself just for a woman.

One of his men finally took the courage to speak up, "Mr. Gu, I apologize but you must know the truth. It wasn't a dream. Mrs. Gu really was in a car accident earlier."

"What?" Jack was in disbelief. His lips quivered, and his face turned pale, but he tried not to faint. He hoped that

someone helped the prisoner escape from prison and promised him a great deal of money for his family."

"Are you telling the truth? Is there really no trace of Emily in the car and anywhere near the crash site?" Jack asked.

"Yes, Mr. Gu. Everything I told you came from my very reliable sources. And there's another thing. We found a book in the mountain village with two dry leaves in it. There were some letters written on the leaves."

The man took out the leaves from an envelope and handed them to Jack. The letters were a bit blurred, but it could still be deciphered. The letter read as:

Jacob is alive.

It's me.

"I understand," Jack whispered. He stroked the two leaves and then closed his eyes. After a few seconds, he opened his eyes and ordered his men, "Go and investigate on this further."

"Yes, Mr. Gu," they replied.

They were relieved to see that Jack was calm and composed again. They were about to leave the room when Jack laughed hysterically. It made them worry more about Jack.

"Aha! Aha! Everything is going wonderful!" Jack laughed loudly, choking himself a little. His face was distorted by his exaggerated expression. He continued, "Wonderful! How wonderful!"

Yes, the turn of events couldn't be any more wonderful.

Emily was alive and well.

Jack was under a great deal of stress from his mood swings and he couldn't bear it anymore. He started to cough blood and spewed as he laughed.

Heaven was on Emily's side and miracles did exist. The woman Jack loved the most was still alive.

This was the most wonderful gift that Jack had received and his last mercy from heaven.

He would give up everything just to see her smile again, even if it cost him his life.

The doctors rushed in the room to address Jack's wild behavior so he wouldn't hurt himself more. "Mr. Gu, please calm down. Take a deep breath," they said to him as they take medical measures to stop his bleeding.

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