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   Chapter 477 It Is Not Emily's Fault

The Spoiled Girl By Changdu Characters: 7855

Updated: 2019-05-09 03:09

Jack drove back to his villa as fast as he could. When he got there, he didn't have the time to park his car in the garage. He just left it there by the door and ran to the manor where Emily was staying.

The noise Jack made disturbed the sleeping butler and maids. They were curious as to where the noise was coming from, so they went out to check. They were surprised to see Jack and they asked, "What's the matter, Mr. Jack?"

But Jack's cold and strong presence made them tremble with fear. Jack asked indifferently, "Where's she?"

The maid, despite her fear, answered politely, "Her Ladyship is sleeping in her room."

Jack checked his watch and saw that it was only two in the morning. He asked, "Are you sure?"

The maid nodded and answered firmly, "Yes, Mr. Jack. I went to her room earlier tonight when I saw the light was still on. Her Ladyship said she wanted some water and the lights was soon turned off after that. She must be sleeping now."

But Jack was not satisfied with the maid's answer. He decided to check by himself and went upstairs quietly. When he arrived at Emily's door, he knocked.

"Who is it?" Emily answered.

Upon hearing Emily's voice, Jack was relieved. "It's just me, Emily. I'm home now."

The maid saw the sudden change in Jack's facial expression. Earlier, his face was fuming with anger. But now, it was as if nothing happened with his face as calm as the sea. In the maid's mind, she thought, 'Mrs. Gu is really an incredible person. Only she can turn the beastly Mr. Jack into a gentle and sweet creature.'

After hearing no response from Emily, Jack asked again, "Emily? Can you hear me?"

He leaned his ear harder on the door to hear Emily better. He heard a faint sound, "I'm exhausted. I will sleep now."

"All right, then. Have a good rest," Jack replied. Though he wasn't satisfied with Emily's answer, it somehow removed his doubt. He was about to leave to let Emily rest when he felt something strange.

He turned around and something suddenly occurred to him. Jack frowned and leaned against the door again. He tried to open it, but it was locked from the inside. He got nervous and said, "Emily, can I come in? I just want to see you."

"I'm exhausted. I will sleep now."

The maid also thought something was wrong. When the maid saw Jack looking at her, there were no wor

road or he panicked at the sight of Jack's car trailing him.

"No!" Jack shouted desperately.

No! No! Don't!

Stop it! Stop it right now!

God, please! Stop the car!

He desperately called and honked non-stop, trying to warn the black car to stop. Jack's eyes widened on how the scene slowly unfolded to him. It felt like the movies where everything slowed down. He could hear nothing but static.

He watched as the black car met its doom and rolled down the steep cliff.

"No! Emily! God, please don't let this happen!" It was the first time Jack felt bitter desperation in his mouth. His breathing started to feel heavier as if something was strangling him. He whispered, "Emily." He could not move. He could not even think right.

He rushed out of the car and tried to run to the edge of the cliff, but he suddenly felt weak because he had lost a lot of blood from the crash. His wound was still bleeding. He could not help but cry, and the tears were mixed with the blood.


He felt his heart being stabbed repeatedly and the pain was killing him softly. He muttered, "Why is this happening?"

It was as if karma was catching up with Jack. He intentionally damaged Jacob's car resulting to Jacob's death by accident. So now, the woman that he loved more than anything tragically died in the same manner.

He didn't believe in karma or retribution until this very moment. It was his fault. But why was Emily being the one punished? Why Emily of all people? He should have been the one to die.

It wasn't Emily's fault. But why her?

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