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   Chapter 476 The Treasure Guarded by the Dragon

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The next day, Jack brought various kinds of rare flower seedlings for Emily so that she could plant them to kill time. Unfortunately, Jack had business to take care of so he wasn't able to come back for several days.

However, Jack would always ask after Emily everyday.

The days passed by quickly. Although, Emily hadn't received any new messages on a leaf. She kept the old leaf with her so she could tell herself that it was all real and she was not going mad.

'I have to get in touch with the person who left me messages on this leaf, ' Emily thought in her mind.

Sadly, she was no closer to finding a solution yet. But soon she found another leaf with a new message written on it— "It's me".

'It's me? Who are you?' Emily wondered.

The fact that these messages were vague and did not provide any useful information about its sender annoyed the wits out of her. Emily couldn't figure out who the sender was but she was certain that it must have been someone she knew.

Emily did not allow herself to assume that the person was Jacob as she really could not suffer from anymore disappointment.

She rubbed the leaf in her hand for quite some time and kept it with the other one inside a book, before she hid the book under her bed.

Emily had a strong feeling that the person would come for her for sure.

She kept waiting patiently from one day to the next. Even when she lay in bed at night, she'd sleep with one eye open.

Jack hadn't returned that night. It was the perfect opportunity for her to escape but Jack had increased the number of personnel he had watching over Emily's house. It would certainly make it more difficult for anyone to sneak in or out without permission.

"Creak." The door was pushed open slightly by someone from outside.

Emily could not help feeling nervous but still, she glimpsed at the door to quell her curiosity. Under the dim light, she saw a person standing in a maid's dress...

'Is this the maid who left those messages for me?' Emily thought in her mind.

Emily was so curious she got up and turned on the lights. Finally, she saw "her" face.

Much to her surprise, the person had shorter hair than she had expected. "Her" oddly, towering height and handsome face

rk lately that he wasn't able to see Emily for several days. Finally he had some spare time to go and see Emily at the mountain villa.

For reasons unknown to him, Jack had a foreboding feeling that he was going to lose something precious to him, so he couldn't help feeling restless.

"Clap." Jack spilled coffee on an important document by mistake. He frowned and shook his head in disappointment.

The secretary noticed the weariness in Jack as he helped to clear the table and comforted him, "Mr. Jack, please go and get some rest."

Jack stared at the spilled coffee and became more anxious. Finally, he stood up and left the office to get to his car downstairs.

The weather wasn't favorable that night either. Attacks of lightening burst on the streets, and steadily made its way from one end of the city to the other.

Jack drove his car back to the villa at full speed as he needed to see Emily at that instant! He was haunted by a frightening thought that once he had missed her this time, he would never see her again in his entire lifetime!

'No matter what happens tonight, I need to see her right now! I need to be with her now!' Jack pressed the accelerator harder. Jack was like the greedy dragon from old tales, which guarded its treasure from other people even though, the treasure it was protecting was stolen from others.

And Emily was just his treasure!

'No one can touch you or take you away from me! No one!' Jack narrowed his eyes, feeling determined.

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