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   Chapter 475 Stop Thinking About Jacob

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Emily busied herself around her lush garden. The sun was nice and warm. Leaves and flowers glistened in the sunlight. After she picked the leaf and made out what was written on it, she couldn't believe her own eyes.

"Madame, I've found a variety of flower seeds. Which one do you like best?" The maid appeared from nowhere and startled her. She opened her palm and showed Emily several flower seeds.

Emily hid the leaf inside her hand, and looked at the maid casually, and was relieved to see that the maid didn't even notice she was hiding something. In her natural voice she said, "I think they are all okay. They are easy to grow."

"Well, these sunflowers and Chinese roses are easier to grow. And..." Then the maid bent quickly to pick out more seeds for Emily. She also brought her the gardening tools and everything she needed to plant the seeds.

Emily's part was to dig, plant the seeds and water them. The gardeners would take care of them to grow beautifully.

But Emily was up for something, so she pretended that she didn't want to dig or continue planting. She returned the small shovel to the maid and said, "I'm tired. I'll go inside and take a rest."

"Oh. Okay..." The maid was surprised but kept quiet. Later on, she thought about Emily's sudden change of mind, and maybe she didn't really like to stay outdoors. Then the maid continued to plant alone.

Emily went to her room and slid under her blanket. Her room was painted white, and it was so quiet that she could almost hear her heart beating faster. She opened her palm, and read the words written on the leaf. The words were clear as day.

"Jacob is alive."

Emily was catching her breath, and her heart was pounding widely like it would burst from her chest any moment.

Was it true? Jacob was still alive!

She couldn't contain her happiness after seeing these words. Maybe it was real; maybe Jacob was alive after all?

She kissed the leaf and put it next to her heart like as if it was the only thing that would lead Jacob back to her. She felt so alive. She never felt this way before, not in a long time.

'But who could have done this?

What else do I need to know?' Emily asked in

good night."

Jack finally left. She was alone now, and her hand was in sweat while clasping the leaf. With a heavy heart, she opened her hand and looked at the leaf that began to wilt.

She closed her eyes and hoped against hope that whoever written these words wouldn't disappoint her.

Little did she know that after leaving her room, Jack asked the maid about what she did earlier today. He also checked their home security cameras.

In the recorded video, Emily was standing in front of the bush, and she stayed there for a quite long time. She also stroked the flowers around her. He didn't see anything out of the ordinary.

After watching, Jack went to the garden and asked his man to remove the flowerpots, but, he didn't find anything.

The maid who was standing beside Jack had no idea what he was doing. "Which one Emily had planted?" Jack asked.

The maid pointed to a small flowerpot, "That one. It didn't sprout yet because it was just planted."

Jack examined the flowerpot and dug the soil with a shovel. He then returned it back to the maid because he didn't find anything. "Don't tell Emily about this."

The maid nodded, "Yes, sir."

Jack put his hand inside his pocket and touched the buttons. He felt relieved to realize that Emily was just out today to plant flowers and nothing more than that. He was pleased and was ready to call it a night.

He preferred Emily to plant flowers instead of thinking about Jacob.

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