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   Chapter 470 Heaven and Earth

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"Emily!" In a state of panic, Jack rushed to Emily's side. He held her tightly, eyes worried and called, "Doctor! Where the hell is the doctor?"

The medical staff responded immediately to the emergency and prepared intervention methods.

"If anything happens to her, all of you will suffer the same fate!" he threatened darkly.

Though he was shouting, he struggled to maintain calm and focus. With the professionals swarming around her, he had to reluctantly give them space, and he sank down against a wall, his heart a fluttering, frightened beast caged in his ribs.

Emily would make it. He would not let anything happen to her!

The operation was long and technical. Hovering on the edge of death, her heart stopped several times. However, modern medicine triumphed and she was saved from the god of death by the talented doctors.

"Mr. Jack, the patient lacks a desire to live. She wanted to give up during the operation. Though we managed to save her, she clearly needs continuous psychological treatment as soon as she is recovered enough for it..."

"Ok. I understand." Staring at Emily, who was being moved from the Operation Room to Recovery, he didn't take his eyes off her for even one second. Once she was settled in the Recovery Room he went to her side, and held his fingers under her nose to check if she was still breathing. Satisfied by the slight breaths, he was finally able to breath more easily and his heart calmed it's fluttering, "Emily..."

Suddenly, his eyes flooded with tears, and a storm of emotions overwhelmed him.

He considered that Emily had been placed in danger so much because of him. Always having believed that he acted in her best interest, he now began to doubt his own intentions. Had he done wrong?

With only one wrong step, the whole plan was derailed.

But even if he had been wrong, he could do nothing now, but keep going.

She lay in a coma for three days. Fearing that she might never wake up, Jack considered that he might lose her. He consulted every well-known doctor he could, though none had anything significant to offer. His panic and pain had the whole hospital walking on ice, and a low and uneasy atmosphere clung to the space.

On the fourth day of her coma, Jack was ready to tear the hospital to pieces. He regarded the doctors with murder in his eyes, and they hovered fearfully outside the room. But then Emily finally opened her eyes.

The first person she saw was Jack.

Sharing a nominal familial line, Jack and Jacob looked actually a bit alike.

With a mind still fogged by the coma, she mistook him for Jacob. With tears in her eyes, sh

and her nose was not as delicate. She lacked the striking features and elegance which he craved. It was as heaven and earth between Emily and the waitress.

"Where did you get plastic surgery?"

"No, I didn't have any..." The waitress denied, with a rising sense of panic.

He lost all further interest in her, and not wanting to waste more time on her. He ordered, "Just go."

She was dumbstruck at the realization that Magee had just let her go.

Why? Did he ask her to stay just because he wanted to see her face clearly? Or was he unhappy with her lying to him?

Thinking about the missed opportunity, the waitress apologized, "Sorry, Sir. I lied to you about the plastic surgery. I did have a small procedure..."

She had always believed that she was better than the other girls who made a living selling their bodies, while she worked as a waitress. In the past she had despised these girls, when she saw the ugly rich men that would hang around them.

Now, however, she had a chance to get close to a rich, handsome man. How could she let the opportunity slide away? She abandoned her dignity and enticed him into the game.

"Only a little one?" Magee asked with a sense of doubt, "Who were you based on to make that change?"

"It''s Cloris Lu. I've watched her fashion show." The waitress stuttered.

She had heard about the rumors concerning Cloris and Emily. It was because of Cloris and Emily's similar features that Chloris proved so attractive to both Jacob and Jack. They were so captivated by her beauty that they became enemies and fought over Cloris.

And that was why she wanted to change herself to look like Cloris. She hoped to share her luck and meet more well-off men and marry one by changing her face.

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