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   Chapter 468 Where Is My Child

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Emily hesitated for a while as her head spun with confusion.

According to the result, the child was undoubtedly hers.

"It can't be true! "It can't be true! Let me have my child!" Jade was in a hysterical state and couldn't accept the result, and she was shouting and wanted to see the child again.

Because of her disruptive behavior, the young nurse didn't dare to hold the sleeping child in front of Jade for fear that she would hurt the child.

Jack gave the old lady a cold stare, and she immediately understood what he meant. She then motioned to her son, "Take this crazy woman away from here!" She turned her head to Jade and taunted her, "You should know by now that you caused a lot of trouble. You were just lucky because Mr. Gu tolerated you. They are not the ones who bought your child! Stop bothering them!"

"Mom!" The man was distressed and berated his own mother, "How could you say that? She is your daughter-in-law! Don't talk to her that way!"

"I am your mother! And you should never talk to me like that! Don't you dare disrespect me in front of your wife."

"Get the hell out of here if you want to continue arguing." Jack wanted to end this unnecessary drama, and he was getting annoyed at the noises.

As he was about to finish his words, Jade fainted and fell on the floor. Her husband cried out her name, and everyone went chaotic.

"Emily, let's take our child and leave." Jack made a quick glance and looked at them as if they were filthy and disgusting insects.

Emily looked at the unconscious woman, and her heart was full of pity. Only a mother could feel how miserable it would be to lose her child.

As they were about to leave, Emily made a quick decision that she would help them look for their child.

The nurse carefully handed the child back to Emily, who delicately held him in her arms, as if holding a fragile treasure.

"Baby, let's go back."

Accompanied by Jack and their bodyguards, Emily went back to her ward safely. Unknown to her, Jack gave

was clear. The child is yours."

Jack said convincingly that Emily almost believed him if she hadn't taken another DNA test. She retorted, "Do you mean that falsified result?"

Shock overpowered Jack that he felt numb. She had known it. She had known it! Who the hell told her this? That person ruined his plan and took his happiness away from him!

At that very moment, Emily felt as if her heart were squeezed and she couldn't breathe. She inhaled deeply to recover her strength and asked again, "Where is my child? Please, I beg you… give my child back to me."

Emily felt trapped from her own confusion and from Jack's deception. But her longing for her child was overwhelming.

You could never underestimate the power of a mother's instinct. Her breast ached to feed her own baby and soon doubts clouded her mind.

She contacted Magee and asked for help. They took their samples for another DNA test, and the result came back negative. At first, she couldn't believe the child was not hers. So she asked for several DNA tests from other hospitals.

All the results came back negative. The child she cared and nurtured was not hers.

Emily was so heartbroken, and the truth was too much for her to bear that she smashed everything she could get hold of.

Her world was shattered, and she wondered where her own child was.

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