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   Chapter 467 The Paternity Test

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A flush of dizziness overcame Emily, but she did her best to keep from falling down. After she finally regained some of her strength, she began to speak, "Let's have a paternity test first."

"Emily, I..." Jack said to Emily nervously. But he figured out from her determined look that she didn't want to listen to his explanation at all.

A look of delight crossed Jade's husband's face, as he understood what Emily meant, so he came over to hold his wife's hands. However, the old lady was anxious and argued, "What do you mean? I'll never agree for you to do a paternity test for the child. It's very clear to me that the child is not of our family's blood anymore. This child is not a commodity on a shelf, so we don't accept that you return him to us at your own leisure."

Her shouting attracted a lot of on-lookers. They were circling around her, curious about what had happened. Although the bodyguards tried to disperse them, they regathered in smaller groups again after a few minutes, as if watching an outdoor drama.

Jack couldn't bear the importune old lady any longer, so he ordered one bodyguard to stop her from talking. The bodyguard covered her mouth with a forceful hand. The world finally returned to quiet.

If the family didn't change their mind, Emily feared she would never know the truth. Meanwhile, Jack hated this horrible old lady, because she was adding fuel to the flames.

Now that it was impossible for Jack to continue to cover the truth, he would need to resort to desperate measures.

Jack had to comply with Emily's request, so the only method for him to successfully pass the paternity test was to forge the test result. He arranged doctors from the paternity test center to come and take the blood samples. By using his privilege, the test result came out quickly, within the hour.

During the process of waiting for the test result, Emily had remained expressionless, but her heart was beating fast. She was afraid that the child was not her own. She couldn't help thinking that maybe he wasn't her child, because he always began to cry when she was close to him, and he also rejected her breast milk. 'No! It's just a coincidence, ' she tried to convince herself.

She didn't want to believe her suspicions, but she couldn't help thinking the result would be bad. What if the child wasn't hers?

She couldn't think about it any further.

In addition to her, Jade and her husband also suffered a growing unease. They were eager to know the test result, but feared that the result would not satisfy their expectation.

Jade's husband timidly asked, "Jade, are you sure that he is our child?"

Jade surfaced from her own thoughts and confirmed to her husband, "I am quite sure. He is our baby. He is our baby!"

Her mother

test report, but the old lady was crystal clear in her knowledge that Jack was the man who had bought the child from her. She was quite sure of that.

At that time, the greedy old lady wanted to sell the child at a high price. However, when she learned that the buyer was Jack, a son of the prestigious Gu family, she was elated and knew that she would gain a vast sum of money from him.

But now the old lady was bemused by the test report, it was beyond her comprehension. However, one thing she was sure of was that this child was definitely her own grandson.

While still confused and pondering the events, she felt Jack's sharp eyes resting on her, and she dared not think any more on it.

To avoid any unnecessary trouble, she decided to bury this secret in her deep, dark heart. She turned to her son and said quite motherly, "Maybe we are wrong. The buyer must be someone else. Mr. Gu already has his own child. It's unnecessary for him to buy one from a stranger, don't you think?"

She killed two birds with one stone; persuading her son and gaining Jack's trust at the same time. In so doing, she could not only keep the money from the original transaction, but also ask Jack for more by doing him this favor.

Hearing the old lady's calculating words spoken to her own son, Jack's face twisted into a swift smile. He knew then that the old lady would never confess the truth, as long as he paid her hush money. He could rest assured that this would be a secret forever. Holding everything in his hands, he was confidant that Emily would believe him. He said to Emily with an expression as if he was wronged, "Just as I said to you before, I was wronged. Now, you must surely believe what I said. How could I have bought the child from someone else? You should trust me, because I will never tell you a lie. Will you trust me now?"

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