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   Chapter 465 Keeping Her Under His Spell

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It finally hit Emily that Jack was comparing the movie's ending with their lives. She rolled her eyes as she spoke sarcastically, "Wow. I'm so touched. Boo-hoo." Then her tone changed into an irritated one. "Jack, stop lying to yourself. Stop those ridiculous delusions you tell yourself!"

"Emily, please forgive me," Jack pleaded, his head hung low. He felt so guilty about the death of her baby.

If he didn't irritate her, Emily wouldn't have a miscarriage. That very miscarriage caused the baby's premature birth, only to end up dead. Unfortunately, Emily knew nothing about it. The baby brought into her arms actually belonged to another woman. In her perspective, her son was alive and healthy.

It didn't matter what kind of amends Jack was willing to do. He could never make it up to Emily or bring her son back to life.

He decided that it would be a secret he would take to his grave. With it, he also had decided to spend his entire life making it up to her.

Jack tried to find comfort in his thoughts. 'Emily, you may have lost a baby because of me but I also have given you one. Don't worry. We will have lots of children of our own in the future...'

Emily felt pity as she looked at how guilty and regretful Jack was. She felt something was missing but she couldn't pinpoint what it was.

'How strange.

Why do I feel like I am missing something?

How did Jack turn so gentle despite having a short fuse before? Is it because of the premature baby?' Emily thought inside her mind.

She could only sigh in confusion, trying to shrug off the nagging feeling in her gut.

Suddenly, she was back to earth when she heard the baby cry in her arms. She wasted no time in order to soothe the baby.

The baby wasn't easy to be comforted, unlike Beryl during her babyhood. Emily thought that it could because he was premature and lacked sense of security. There were times she couldn't stop his crying and had to ask for help from the nurses.

"Shh, shh, my baby, stop crying." she cooed, "Mommy is here."

Emily's heart was filled with maternal love as she carried the baby, swayin

ng, it makes me wanna puke. Besides, I haven't given up on Jacob's death. I'll give you what you deserve once the right time comes."

Jack got annoyed, "No! I will not let go of you!"

"I thought you are going to do anything I wish for. After all you promised," Emily spoke.

"Emily, I...I... Look, I can promise you anything you want except letting you go."

She rolled her eyes. It was useless to argue with Jack. It was like arguing with a brick wall and expecting it to answer back. She didn't bother to look at him anymore. The flashbacks appearing inside her mind frustrated her to no end.

Jack studied her pretty face and thought to himself, 'No matter what happens, I won't let go of you easily. I worked so hard to be with you and I am not taking any chances.'

He knew very well that once he let go, he would lose her forever.

He would do anything to keep her under his spell!

Emily completely knew that Jack, being himself, it wouldn't be easy to make him let go of her.

'You can't stop me. I'll keep you away from me one way or another, ' Emily thought, as she looked at Jack in annoyance.

The movie was already over and neither of them were happy. They cancelled the other activities and returned to the hospital.

When Emily stepped into the hospital with the baby in her arms, a woman in a hospital gown suddenly ran towards her, "Oh my God! My baby! It's my baby!"

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