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   Chapter 464 That Should Not Be The Ending

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Emily went to see the baby everyday. She watched him anxiously as he grew little by little in the incubator. The once crumpled face filled out, with tender pink cheeks, and he took on a healthy glow.

Time flied, and a month had passed since Emily gave birth. Jack blocked all information concerning Emily, and no one knew Emily was in the hospital, including David and Rita.

While Emily focused all her thoughts and energy on the newborn baby, she had no interest in what was happening outside her small, intimate maternal reality.

The child grew quickly. He was noisy, but would not drink at Emily's breast, so she had to bottle feed him with powder milk. This was strange to her, but she didn't take it too seriously.

Jack would sometimes come to visit Emily, but most of the time he just stood outside her ward, quietly observing her. He seldom intruded on this special world of the mother and her son, as if he was struggling with and avoiding something uncomfortable.

Emily was not concerned with guessing his thoughts. Since the birth of her child, she had changed. She no longer longed for revenge on Jack for his heinous crimes, but rather her focus had shifted, and she now wanted to get away from him.

Jacob had died. If she committed a crime for revenge, then what would happen to Beryl and the newborn infant?

Rita and David would take good care of them, but no one could take the place of biological parents.

She didn't want her children to have lost both their father and mother.

Considering all of this, she realized how naive she had been to believe that she could take revenge for Jacob on her own. It really was so silly. But when she had seen Jacob die, she was desperate and didn't consider the full impact which her desired actions would have.

Fortunately, it was not too late.

She would definitely take revenge, but not in such a way that she sacrificed herself and all that she held dear. She had to live, to carry on, for her children.

One day, Emily was about to call Rita for help, but she again found that she could not make any phone calls. There was no signal - someone had deliberately isolated her from the outside world.

There was only one suspect. Only Jack would do such a disgusting thing, just lik

ly resembled the relationship between she and Jack. It turned out that omens abounded for everything under the sun.

The difference between her situation and the movie was that she was unable to kill Jack. There was also no love between them. How ironical it was!

What on earth did Jack mean to say by bringing her to watch it again?

Emily could not figure it out, neither did she want to know it. She watched it patiently. She became absorbed in it. Unknown to her, Jack came over and sat at her side, whispering to her, "The ending of the hero and heroine should not be like that. This shouldn't be a tragedy."

Emily was frightened by his sudden appearance. She stood up subconsciously, but was pressed back to her seat by Jack. He said to her in a begging manner, "I will not do anything to you. I just want to finish watching the movie with you."

Holding the child in her arms, Emily could not resist. All she could do was to sit in her place, shaken by him. Seeing her fear, Jack pulled his hand back and did not touch her again.

Neither of them said anything further, and they quietly finished watching the movie.

The ending of the movie was different from when they had watched it last time. It seemed that someone deliberately tampered with the script. The hero and the heroine fell in love and gave up their hatred. They finally lived happily together.

Jack showed a relieved smile when he saw the happy ending he had been expecting. He said, "This is how they should really be."

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