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   Chapter 463 We Did Try Our Best

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"Mr. Gu, we will try our level best!" All doctors witnessed the scene shivering like never before. They were doing everything possible to save Emily's baby. They were using every resource and piece of knowledge at their disposal.

Emily alternated between being conscious and stooping into stupor. She lost all conception of the dreamy world and reality. All she was sure about was the fact that her beloved Jacob was right beside her to take care of her.

The confidence spread through her entire body. She felt as if she were invincible to pain and suffering as long as he stood beside her. A sudden pang of pain struck her hard, but she somehow managed to get past it by keeping her firm belief that she would get through this, no matter what.

Hearing Emily's moans of anguish, Jack was crestfallen and deeply concerned. He felt as if the ground beneath him was swallowing him.

However, he was not a doctor after all. The only thing he could do was to pretend to be strong and render as much as confidence as he could to her and to the doctors in the room.

After many endless hours of struggle, the baby was born to everyone's happiness. The smile soon faded as Emily slipped into a coma.

"The baby isn't able to breath instantaneously. Emergency measures, NOW!", ordered the duty doctor in a trembling voice. A tense silence prevailed across the room. Prayers filled the vacuum, perhaps.

Half a hour later, a doctor held the stillborn baby in front of Jack. "Mr. Gu, I'm sorry. We tried our level best. This was beyond us."

Jack was stunned to his core. He slowly turned blue as he stammered for words, "The baby... is dead?"

"The baby was born in a premature condition. To further complicate the situation, Miss Emily is in poor health. I'm afraid the troubles don't end with that as well. I'm very sorry, Mr. Gu."

The rest of the renowned doctor's explanation seemed unclear to him. His whole world seemed to crumble all around him. He held the stillborn baby in his arms.

The little thing looked so small that it could be carried in just one hand. Although it wasn't his child, it was indeed one of the most important dreams of his life, now dead right before him. Fresh infant blood had been spilled today, and a life lost. This baby wasn't allowed to get a glimpse of the world he had been trying to build for his sake.

Jack stared at the dead baby, in a cold cruel silence. There was nothing he could do. His fingers felt numb.

The unfortunate words he had blurted out a while ago regarding him not caring about the baby was a result of the heat of the m

uld stay in the incubator for a period of time on account of his poor health. Miss. Lu, you are also very weak now. You'd better take some rest for a while. Let me wheel you back, okay?" Jack was gesturing the nurse to retreat immediately and get her back to bed. When the nurse was about to follow his instructions, Emily stopped her.

Emily knew the nurse was right but she still didn't feel like leaving right now. "Just let me see him for few more minutes."

The nurse looked at Jack and said, "Well, just a few more minutes."

Several minutes later, Emily was still reluctant to leave but forced back to the ward for rest by the nurse. She didn't even take a glance at Jack all the time, treating him as he were transparent.

Jack hadn't chosen to stay silent about this whole issue. He had made elaborate plans to ameliorate the situation. He walked out of the ward and asked his man in a gentle whisper, "Has everything gone according to our plan?"

"Yes, Mr. Gu. We have arranged everything. The child's parents received the enormous amount of money and left the hospital. They promised they would break off all relations with the child in a written legally binding contract. The medical staff was also ordered to not disclose any information about the child's origin to anyone, no matter what. They're also being made to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements. They won't say anything inappropriate."

"Good." Jack reconsidered his position in the wide hospital corridor as the echoes of baby noises filled the atmosphere. Something did not feel right about all this but it seemed as if he had no other option. After several minutes, he murmured, "Take a second look at the arrangements. I don't want any foul play.''

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