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   Chapter 462 You Must Fight Back

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7358

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Blood... Why was Emily bleeding?

Jack was shocked, he couldn't understand why Emily was loosing that much blood. 'What the hell happened to her? It can't be my fault, it can't be.'

"A Doctor! Call a Doctor now!" Jack started yelling.

The maid went directly on her phone to call the doctor that had just left, while Jack waited anxiously for him to come back. For the first time, he didn't know what to do. Luckily, the doctor was still driving in the neighborhoods so he came back very quickly. He took Emily on the sofa and checked on her. Then he looked at Jack with a face that was all but good news.

"Mr. Jack, Mrs. Gu is having the baby. But here I can't handle it properly, we need to bring her to the hospital right now..."

At these words, Jack took Emily in his arms and rushed out to the car. He drove straight to the hospital as quick as he could, passing over all the red lights and well above the speed limit. He didn't care how much the police would fine him, Emily was the priority here.

Not before long Emily and Jack arrived at the hospital. Some nurses took Emily and brought her to the emergency room, "Save her! Please save her!" shouted Jack.

Emily was lying very pale on the bed praying for the baby to come out. The delivery was imminent, so the nurses injected Emily with a pain killer and called the doctors at once. All the medics rushed in, while Jack was knocked out of the room.

"Mr. Jack, you'll have to wait outside. Relatives are not allowed in the emergency room."

Jack nodded and the door was shut, but still he tried to catch what was going on inside by looking through the glass window on the door. Even if he wasn't able to see anything, he preferred to keep looking as if in this way he felt closer to Emily.

"Emily, you will be okay...

You'll be okay I swear! You hate me too much to die before punishing me. You will survive. You must survive!"

In the emergency room, Emily woke up confused and in pain. She was blinded by the shadowless lamp overhead.

"Oh God, Oh God... AAAAAHHH!" The pain was absolutely killing her, "OH GOD HELP ME... AAAHHH!"

She was afraid that this time was the one she would die for. The pain was excr

eless he stayed with her and expressed his love through another man. Although he had to talk for Jacob, his feelings for her were sincere and deep, nothing less than Jacob's. For this reason, his heart ached as if being shot.

It hurt so bad.

But it was nothing compared to what Emily was suffering from.

"Okay..." Emily's breath became weaker. She tried hard to open her eyes to see the man standing in front of her, but she had no power, "I forgive you this time, Jacob... Hold me in your arms... I'm so cold and so painful..."

"Don't be afraid, I am here for you and nothing will ever break us apart." Jack's eyes reddened at those words, but still he took her gently into his arms. He wished he could take her place and her pains. He whispered, "You will be okay. Don't give up..."

Emily was sweating with the pain she was still suffering. She grasped his hand tightly and with her nails cut deep into the skin, leaving several small cuts. "Don't go... Don't leave me..."

"I won't, I won't leave you..."

Perhaps Jack's words gave Emily some hope for life because her vital signs slowly became stable. All the doctors were relieved, but there was still a hard battle to fight.

The unborn baby had only few chances to survive the delivery, premature babies are already weak and delicate, so this one was even more in danger.

Jack looked at the doctors who all looked extremely grave and ordered, "I want both Emily and her child surviving!"

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