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   Chapter 461 Defile

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The glass crinckled under Jack's feet as he walked towards Emily. The rattling sound pleased him as he got closer and closer to her with each step. "I have been waiting for this for too long. Doesn't it feel right?"

Emily's eyes were stuck to the glass on the floor. She bent to pick it up but Jack stopped her, clutching her shoulders. "It's heartbreaking, right? I feel exactly as you feel. In fact, I'm suffering more. Why don't you get me?" he asked as he pulled her closer, her body jerking.

"Let me go!" Emily pushed him away. Her eyes were filled with tears. "Jacob... Jacob..." she murmured, stepping back.

Just as she was about to step on the glass, Jack got a hold of her and looked into her eyes. "Jacob? Watch me make him disappear from our lives."Emily was horrified at the psychotic look he had on his face.

"'Let me go!" she screamed again. She glared at him, her eyes raging with hatred. "You think breaking his things means you can wipe him from my mind? You fool. I love him and will love him for the rest of my life! You can break the glass, but you can never stop me from loving him!"

Jack's expression changed. It was as if something dark had taken control of him suddenly. Through gritted teeth, he said, "Oh Emily, You better not rile me."

"I love Jacob, forever," she repeated, firm. Jack shut her up by kissing her right on her mouth.

He kept going on and on, forcing his tongue into her mouth. She struggled to breathe but he just wouldn't let her go.

"Clean up the mess, and throw him out somewhere," Jack commanded the maid.

Emily yelled at the top of her voice, "Leave him alone! Don't touch him! Stop! Let me go," she urged with gritted teeth as he grabbed her by her waist, kissing her wildly.

She struggled to let go of his grip, but he started to push her out of the room. Before she knew, they were in the adjacent room, all alone.

Her heart drumming, she started shaking her head at him. She couldn't even imagine what a vicious bastard like him would to do her. Jack's lips arched on one side as he smiled deviously. "I told you. I told you not to upset me. Well, well, you're in for a punishment, sweetheart," Jack said, softly and then suddenly pushed her to the bed, climbing on top of her.

"Get off me, you bastard!" Emily tried to push him, flapping her arms and legs with all her energy, but he felt so heavy on her it was suffocating. She could feel his hands all about her body. Disgus

rrible sensation.

"Please, let me go," she begged.

Out of breath, her voice was feeble. Jack liked how weak she sounded. He chuckled with pleasure and bit at her neck, her collarbones, grabbing her breasts.

Emily wanted to curl up on her side to ease the pain but she was pressed flat under Jack, unable to move an inch. She grabbed his shoulders, clutching at them to bear the pain. "What are you doing? It hurts. Stop it,"

The pain was so strong she could barely feel him now and was unable to judge what he was doing.

Jack avoided her completely and paid no attention to her groans. "Oh I'll tell you what I want to do. In fact, I'll show you. Very soon. I want you," he said, nibbling at her ears.

"I hate you, and I will hate you all my life."

Emily's eyes were shut, but tears rolled down her face, making her eyelashes look like a wet feather.

"Why are you crying? I haven't even started yet." Jack kissed her salty tears. They felt kind of bitter, just like the way his heart felt.

Emily became delirious, almost on the verge of unconsciousness. "Help me, please. It really hurts. Help me..."

She embraced Jack and wept like a baby, like a wounded animal seeking its mother's comfort. This helped her cope with the pain - just the thought of another human who could help her.

"Why are you so obedient now?" Jack was gleeful at her initiative. He hadn't heard anything she had said but now inched closer to her lips to listen.

"It hurts..."

He got stunned immediately. It hurt? What was going on? He stood up at once and noticed the blood under her. His head spun at the sight of it, panicking.

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