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   Chapter 460 Love, What A Piece Of Shit!

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9863

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Long shadows danced on the wall of the drably lit bedroom as Jack slowly paced back and forth. "I have never thought you would hate me so much to this point," he said disappointedly in languid tones. The thought of Emily's intent to murder him for another man sent daggers to his heart. It drove him mad to the point that he wanted to kill someone too just to vent his anger out. He paused walking and turned his head to the side, then questioned her, "Who gave you the dagger?"

If his memory served him right, there was no way Emily could get a hold of those dangerous items, so who betrayed him?

However, Emily refused to say a single word to him at all, and instead blurted out whatever things came into her mind. "I picked it up from streets," she said and rolled her eyes.

"Even though you don't want to reveal anything, I can also find ways to dig this person out. What if, I torture everyone you've met till I find out who this person is?" he said with a dark and malevolent gleam in his eyes.

Yet, Jack's threat didn't make Emily feel afraid nor anxious at all. She surprisingly burst into laughter, followed by bouts of uncontrollable coughs. Her cold gaze turned to Jack. "Even with such threats, do you think that I, a person with her heart filled with hatred, will even care about the lives of others?" she said in between slight gasps before finally managing to stop the coughs.

"Well, that's true," Jack said thoughtfully after a while. His eyebrows knitted and his lips curled downwards into a cynical scowl. "You are really ruthless now, and even much more ruthless to me," he grimly said. "But right now, the police are outside. You know, if I wish, I could make your life a living hell for you in jail," he added.

Once again Emily's face was totally devoid of any emotion. Her eyelashes only batted a little, but she did not speak a word.

A masculine hand reached out and gently stroked Emily's abdomen. Jack gently rubbed her belly with a savage smile on his lips. "Of course, this baby won't be born smoothly, either," he said with a devious look on his face. "Now, here's your last chance, Emily.

His fiendish expression made Emily unconsciously bit on her bottom lip. The force of her upper teeth splitting the thin skin caused a small droplet of blood oozing from her lip.

His cold eyes suddenly turned into an endearing gaze, but the deranged look still lurked behind his deceitful orbs. It made his aura even more chilling when he opened his mouth to speak. "Apologize to me, then I will let bygones be bygones as if nothing even happened, and we can be still the same as before, okay?" he said the words to Emily as an ultimatum.

However, Emily only stared at him icily and simply said, "What if I say no?"

The gentle look diminished from Jack's face and the light in his eyes dimmed. "If so, I have no choice but to hand you to the police outside. I know you are smart, Emily. So don't push me

d himself. Jack couldn't help but make a laughing stock out of his situation now.

The Jacob in the photo was smiling with the corner of his lips curled up a little, which made him look somewhat superior. It was like he was mocking Jack because sometime ago, he lit incense for his own enemy, and ate at the same table with him all those days, just like a fool.

"Bang!" Suddenly, Jacob violently kicked the ashtray in front of him. His hands grabbed Jacob's picture frame from the wall and quickly walked upstairs.

The doctor had just finished his checkup and came out of Emily's room. When he saw Jack, he respectfully reported her physical condition to him. Now that there was nothing wrong with her body, Jack sent the doctor away and walked into the room.

The door burst open and revealed Emily who now stood by the window. Her eyes seemed to wistfully look at something Jack didn't know. When she sensed his presence in the room, she turned around.

In turn, Jack sauntered towards Emily with Jacob's photo in one hand. He cornered her against the wall until her body was fully trapped between himself and the concrete. An evil grin danced across his face.

"What do you want..." Emily squirmed and asked uneasily.

As soon as the words slipped out of her lips, she felt something loosen around her neck. She looked down and saw that Jack had ripped off the little glass bottle that she wore around her neck, which contained Jacob's cremated remains.

Before she could even snatch it back, Jack had mercilessly thrown the tiny bottle on the floor together with the picture frame. The glass of both objects shattered with a resounding crack.

"Bang!" The whole thing seemed to play out like a slow motion in Emily's shocked eyes.

The ashes were now scattered on the floor along with the fragments of broken glass. Tears welled up in Emily's eyes as she stared dumbfounded at the broken mementos, feeling like her heart was shattered as well.

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