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   Chapter 459 Close to Happiness

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 9691

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At that moment, Jack suddenly opened his eyes and raised his hand as he grasped the blade accurately. If he was a second late, Emily would've stabbed him successfully. Even so, the dagger landed on his chest, leaving a shallow wound.

"You…" gasped Emily. Everything happened so fast that she didn't know what to do. One minute Jack was asleep, but now she was staring at him with wide eyes, frozen in shock.

Immediately, he turned over and pressed her firmly beneath him, holding her wrists against her head with one hand. Despite everything, he remained careful not to press her belly.

Suddenly, a clattering sound was heard. The blood-stained knife was thrown on the floor by Jack.

"I am not drunk!" he said, raising his voice. With eyes full of sadness, "Emily, do you want to kill me?" he asked. Staring at her, his heart gradually sank while waiting for her reply.

Jack might have drunk a lot of wine, but he was not really wasted. He was just so happy that he was caught off guard, and he was almost killed by his own lover.

All the while, he pretended to be drunk to get closer to her, to hold her. But in the end, all he got was a cold dagger and a woman who wanted to kill him.

Gradually, Jack's white shirt stained bright red. It wasn't clear whether the blood came from his hands or the wound on his chest. Suddenly, "I said, do you want to kill me?" he said in a sad and angry tone. But in the back of his mind, 'I would believe her if she says no. Just please, please say no, ' he thought.

Blinded by his love, he slowly lost his rationality.

In fact, he could even find an excuse for her. If she denied, he could forget her attempt of killing him and act like nothing had happened.

But again, he was disappointed.

"Yes," Emily calmly replied, lying in bed and looking straight into his eyes. "I want to kill you," she paused and continued, "I wanted to kill you, but I failed." Her words resonated in his mind.

Slowly, Jack felt his heart getting torn into pieces. Amidst the room's silence, it seemed he could hear the sound of his heart breaking. His love for her was totally trampled.

Jack slowly blinked his eyes and looked away, trying to compose himself. "Why? You just said you loved me. You even said that you will forget everything that happened and stay with me. Tell me, why?" he said, slowly looking straight into her eyes. "Tell me why the hell did you want to kill me?!" shouted Jack.

Hearing his words, Emily paused, "Why? Because I've never loved you. Because I'm deceiving you. And you, like a fool, are being tricked by me." "Jack, think it over. How could I possibly love you? The only person I've ever loved in my life is Jacob." "But you, you're the one who killed him! I stayed by your side so I could avenge his death and then let go of everything without doubt. So, here I am, trying to kill you," Emily explained. The weigh

the door. "Mrs. Gu, there's a policeman outside looking for you. He said you'd called them in advance," the maid said.

Jack was shocked upon hearing the maid's words. "Don't let them in. Wait outside," he instructed in a cold voice. Emily heard the maid, but she was hopelessly lying in bed, breathing so hard and unable to speak.

"Okay," the maid answered diligently. All the while, the maid wondered why Jack answered instead of Emily. 'Wasn't Master Jack drunk? Why was he the one who answered instead of Miss Emily?' the maid pondered.

However, the maid was in no position to deal with such matters. They were told not to meddle in their master's personal matters. So, her suspicion died and left quickly.

"Why did you call the police in advance when you wanted to kill me?" Jack asked, wondering loudly. But Emily remained silent. Staring at her with cold eyes, "Since you don't want to speak, let me just guess the reason. You intended to confess your crime after killing me. Because you're pregnant, you'll get bailed in that way, and you can safely deliver the baby. Am I right?"

If he was killed by Emily, Jack's bodyguard would never let her go. So if she surrendered herself to the police, it would be for the best and she could seek protection from them. Only then would she have the chance to give birth to her child, Jacob's child.

"What a good plan you'd made! I'm sure you'd planned it very well. How unfortunate it is that you couldn't kill me," Jack sneered.

After hearing his mocking words, Emily closed her eyes for a while and opened them. A tear slid down from the corner of her eyes. "I have now accepted that I lost. You can dispose me at your will," she said, feeling defeated.

'Jack already knows everything. He wouldn't keep me around anymore. Besides, I've had enough. This might be a favor given by the God to free myself from this agony, ' she thought hopelessly to herself.

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