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   Chapter 458 Play Me My Whole Life Please

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'Honey? Wait a minute. She called me honey. She called me honey!' Jack repeated in his thought in apparent disbelief.

It was years ago when Emily last called him that. He was extremely touched by the affection the petname brought forth. He couldn't help staring at Emily with love, "Honey, honey, honey..."

Emily raised her glass for a toast and something flashed in her eyes, "Now that we're happy, I think we should at least celebrate with him. Let's offer this toast to him."

Of course, "him" meant Jacob.

Jack's passion was instantly shut down.

'Jacob! It's Goddamn Jacob again!' Jack cursed inwardly.

Emily noticed the change in his demeanor, like a light had died inside him. She then explained, "Rest assured. This is the last time I will ever utter his name in your presence. I promise I won't ever force you to do anything that involves him as well."

"Really?" Jack stared at Emily with wary eyes.

'Emily... You'll really let go of Jacob for me?' Jack thought in disbelief.

Emily knew that Jack, as always, misunderstood her intentions, but she didn't plan to explain anything to him. She just smiled gently while looking straight at him, "Starting tomorrow, I promise I'll let go of everything in the past."

"Okay, to Jacob and for our new beginning." Jack answered quickly for fear that Emily might have a change of heart in the next few moments. If a toast was all it took for Emily to forget about Jacob, he could have done ten.

They stood up, and made their way to the nearby picture of the deceased Jacob. They rasied their glasses and toasted in his name. Before Emily's wine glass touched her lips, Jack reminded her, "Don't drink too much. It's not good for the baby."

Emily nodded passively, "Yeah, got it. Just a sip and nothing more."

After one or two sips, she added, "Thank you for taking care of me during this difficult time."

Jack felt warmth flood into his heart. 'Finally! You have begun to accept my love for you again...' Jack thought gleefully.

"I did all of this because I wanted to. I give only the best because I love you, Emily," Jack said.

He cast a hateful glance at Jacob's picture and quickly returned his gaze on Emily. He smiled grimly as he thought of something clev

tely unsuccessful in getting free. "I can't breathe..." she whimpered.

Jack heard this and loosened up a little, as he rested his chin on her shoulder to smell her unique fragrance.

"Emily, I love you... You are so perfect..." Jack slurred.

Emily felt so contemptous, but she could only simmer and wait for him to fall asleep again. Then when she realized he had fallen asleep, she pulled his hand away slowly and took a deep breath.

Emily got something from her pocket. As she opened her palm, it revealed to be a razor sharp dagger. She got it from the boy who came across her car on the day she was waiting for Jack. It was actually Magee who had prepared it for her.

Emily didn't disclose her plan to Magee, and instead lied to him, saying that she was afraid that Jack might force himself on her and she needed some self-protection. Magee ate it all up and helped her procure a dagger.

But Magee didn't know that Jack would never force Emily to do something she didn't want to, unless it concerned leaving him. So Emily's aim for possessing the dagger was far more nefarious.

Emily wanted to kill Jack.

She had tolerated everything for such a long time, hoping Jack would let down his guard. Now, it was time for her revenge.

'Jacob, I'll be able to avenge your death soon, ' Emily thought in her mind.

Emily felt her heart surrounded by the fires of hatred. Her hand holding the dagger was quivering. In the next second, she struck, aiming directly at Jack's heart!

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