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   Chapter 453 It’s Mine, Not Yours

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7671

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"Well said. But as a mother, isn't this a good time to accumulate virtue for your kids by acting kindly?"

Emily's face didn't reflect any sign of being angry, almost as if she was talking about something rather insignificant.

Upon hearing Emily, the guilt in pregnant women's faces faded away a bit. "We're really sorry but we assure you we will pay attention next time."

Anyway, they were pregnant, and what could Emily possibly do to them?

Besides, what they said was true. Otherwise, why else wouldn't she refute the claims? She must be guilty of the crime.

They looked down on that woman.

The pregnant women were self-deluding and deprecating, almost as if the jealousy and vengeful hate were concealed in their hearts.

"Do you think you'll get another chance like this?"

Suddenly Jack appeared behind them. His voice was as cold as ice, sending chills down their spine in an eerie manner.

"J... Mr. Jack..." The pregnant women turned back to find him standing there. The calm expression they had as they looked at Emily had disappeared, and a pale look began to set in on their withered faces, "Actually this is all a misunderstanding..."

"A misunderstanding?" With a sinister look, Jack stepped forward all of a sudden.

His breath too got heavy and scary, almost indicating that he was about to kill them. Suddenly, the pregnant women gripped by fear took several steps backwards, away from him.

"You... Don't move forward. We're all pregnant..."

"Oh..." Jack's sight now was suddenly drawn to their protruding bellies, and a malicious look slowly hooked up on his labial angles, "So what?"

What? What was what?

Absolutely stunned, these pregnant women were unable to say anything. Relying on the fact that they were pregnant, they usually dominated on subjects at home. They were treated like empress dowager. Even while outside their houses, they received preferential treatment and help, so they were already accustomed to the benefits of being pregnant.

But they forgot, the man standing across them was not an ordinary man, but the successor of Gu family!

His gentle and loving behaviour was restricted to Emily, which could not be spared for other people, leaving only a cold cruelty for others. He would let those who complied with him t

oud "Yours is mine too", for fear of upsetting her yet again, "You must be hungry now? Let me take you to have breakfast."

It was almost noon at this point. Emily could not eat anything because she had to undergo an examination on an empty stomach. She was really hungry at the moment, so she did not refuse the offer either.

They headed to a high-end restaurant, without even the slightest idea of running into an acquaintance-Magee.

Jack's face suddenly grew cold, and he put Emily behind his back. He looked like a porcupine with sharp triggers who was ready to fight at any moment in the face of fear.

He had not forgotten what Magee did before. Maybe Emily didn't know, but in his man's intuition, Magee wasn't right in sending Greek gifts for Emily!

Jack was prepared for a confrontation, but Magee looked away. He pretended like he did not know them and directly passed by with a hot beautiful woman in his arms. He thoroughly ignored Jack.

Jack, "..."

Emily's face expressed slight concern and confusion though she did not respond. But at the moment Magee passed by, she felt like someone gently touched her hand.

She glanced at Magee's dark, deep eyes and tried to understand what was happening.

Upon seeing this slight gesturing, Jack grew furious and wanted to poke out Magee's eyes. How did he dare to seduce Emily in his presence! Was he deliberately seeking his doom?

If Magee was interested and even tried to express any feelings towards Emily, he could cut off his head in an instant!

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