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   Chapter 452 The Moment She Had Waited For

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 8307

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What Emily had said was not only a gamble, but also an attempt to figure out Jack's intention.

Jack eventually compromised just like Emily had guessed. He knew that there was no way for Emily to hurt him, but he was aware she could harm herself. Moreover, that would be the best way to get back at him. He would feel his heart being broken into pieces if he watched her getting injured.

Now he finally understood what she had meant the other day.

Emily meant to torture him for the rest of his life. Her aim was to hurt him. 'This is simply the beginning now, ' he thought.

In the following days, Jack seemed to be in a very awful state. He didn't want Emily to ever leave him. He was willing to make as many compromises as possible. He even released Sam.

Time flew quickly and Jack's worry to keep Emily increased day by day. Now Jack wanted nothing but Emily to be with him for the rest of her life. This was a worry that ate him away. Everything went smoothly for a while until one day greed took over Jack.

In the evening, Jack was lying on the floor and listening to Emily's smooth breath which was coming from the bed. Suddenly, his heart started to swell with sadness.

He had the urge to share a bed with Emily, but he knew she wouldn't let him do it. Therefore, Jack had to do something in order to get the permission to sleep with her.

One thing he had forgotten was that Emily had changed a lot. She wasn't the old version of Emily. Even Jack himself had went through a major change in the past few months.

On the other hand, although Jack had lived with Emily for a while, they never slept in the same bed. She never gave him an opportunity to even hold her hands. He was forced to live like a monk with his suppressed desires.

Thinking about that, Jack got up and observed Emily. Finally, he came up with a capricious idea.

Now that she was asleep, Jack guessed she wouldn't find out what he did to her.

Jack came to the bed and carefully lifted the quilt from her body. Quietly, he gawked at Emily's sleepy face with obsession oozing out of his face.

'How is it possible for someone to be so beautiful?' wondered Jack.

To his eyes, she was the most beautiful woman. He believed any man would fall head over heels in love with her.

He lowered his head slowly and tried to relax his breathing. His thin lips were about to be imprinted on her pink lips. At the exact moment, Emily's lashes quivered a little and she opened her eyes.


, Jack also lost his appetite. He threw away all the food. He didn't want Jacob's ashes to have the food he prepared with so much love.

Moreover, he decided they could set off early since they didn't need to have breakfast.

As soon as they arrived at the hospital, Jack took advantage of his privilege to offer Emily a priority inspection. But after a set of production inspection, they still had to spent a lot of time waiting.

When Emily left the room with her report, she occasionally heard a few pregnant women whispering to each other. She had no interest in gossip hence she did not intend to eavesdrop. However, she did not expect to hear her name in their conversation.

"I was wondering who would brandish their privilege in this manner? Mr. Jacob is dead, and now she is with Mr. Jack. How fortunate is she!"

"Well, I heard that she pretended to be very sad at Jacob's funeral. Now that she is with another man, I guess her love for Jacob was just a pretense. Otherwise, how can a humanbeing forget someone so easily?"

"What is worse is she pretended to reject Jack. Now that Jacob had passed away, she ran back to Jack! Have you noticed her belly? I guess it should be five months old. Who do you think is the father? Jacob or Jack? I guess she couldn't figure it out herself!"

Emily listened to their gossip attentively. Her face turned red as she realized she was the center of their discussion. In the end, she stood up and clapped her hands with her eyes focused on them.

Listening to the applause, the ladies turned their heads. Utter shock was displayed on their faces when they realized who was standing behind them.

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