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   Chapter 450

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"If you change your mind, come to me."

After darting out these words, Magee jumped out through the window again. He couldn't tell exactly how he was feeling, but he was upset.

It was so rare for him to show kindness to others, but Emily had proven ungrateful in refusing it. So what? He could only tell himself to let it pass.

Emily went over to drag the window closed. She looked down from it and considered whether he meant to ask her to jump out of the window with him if he really wanted to take her away.

But surely not. Since Magee promised to take her away, he must have prepared everything for their escape. Even if there had been a head-on encounter with Jack, it is not inevitable that they would fail. However, he hadn't had the time to confide his plans in her.

But all of his plans and ideas were driven back and dashed by her - "None of your business."

At the same time, Jack was in a dazed state outside the door. The rage flaming in his bosom had strangely quietened down, and was replaced by beams of excitement instead.

'What did she say just now?' Jack brooded.

'Emily has declined not only David and Rita, but also Magee. She was unwilling to leave with them. She is willing to stay with me, '

Jack thought frantically, doubting the veracity of his ears.

'How could it be possible for her to make such a decision? She hated me. She had always rejected me and wanted to get away from me...' Jack was confused.

He thought that he was in a dream until he heard Emily's voice through the door.

"How long will you keep standing outside?"

'How did she know I was here?'

For reasons unknown to him, Jack lost his head somewhat, and nearly tripped over the threshold when he stepped into the ward, which made him look funny, "E...Emily..."

"You heard it?" She didn't look at him. Instead, she gazed absently at the flocks of birds flying outside the window. He had been standing outside the door for a long while, but it was so strange that he could restrain himself from doing something when he knew Magee was in her room.

"Yeah, I did." His face turned red with shame, "Are you really willing to stay with me, Emily?"

Though he had just heard the answer, Jack still felt unsure about it. To reassure himself, he had to be bold faced, and ask her once more.

This que

, but instead lifted her foot to step on Jack's shoulder. She wanted to trample this hypocritical man into the dust.

Soon a pale gray footprint appeared on Jack's shoulder. The maidservants around were all surreptitiously watching this episode in surprise, but dared not show their interest.

Strangely, Jack didn't get angry. Instead, he took hold of her foot, and then gently planted a kiss on her vamp.

How Emily wished to kick him to death then!

"Are you right in your head?" she shouted. 'Was Jack a lunatic?' she thought suspiciously.

He released her foot before she flared up further and laughed, "From now on, this is our home. Here, let me show you around. Behind the house is a garden full of roses. But you can also ask them to plant what you like in it...

Emily showed no interest in visiting the garden. What he had done just now disgusted her greatly. She said, "I'm tired. I need to rest."

"OK, let me take you inside to rest..." It seemed that Jack wanted to hug her as he drew close.

She swiftly stepped away, "I advise that keep your distance and leave me alone, or I'll not be able to help myself from vomiting again."

He thought for a moment and nodded his head in agreement.

Seeing this, the nearby maidservants tried to hold their breath, hoping that the master didn't notice their presence. He would surely be embarrassed and take it out on them!

'What a singular lady! She even dared to disrespect Master Jack! What's more amazing, Master Jack was totally willing to take it! Was he a masochist?'

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