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   Chapter 449 I'm Here To Save You

The Spoiled Girl By Changdu Characters: 9135

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Rita and David stayed in the ward for quite long and did not leave the entire morning. They walked out of the hospital side by side when the sun had risen quite high over the horizon.

"I'm really worried about Emily. She looked a bit odd today. Don't you think?" Rita asked in a concerned voice and nudged David on the shoulder. "You know what? I think we should take her away..."

To her, it hadn't been a good idea to leave Emily alone with Jack; he had a reputation for being cruel and inhuman.

David took her hand into his own and looked deep into her eyes. "She's an adult now, Rita, and has her own thoughts and decisions to make. If we try to make one for her, we might end up doing more harm than good because we don't know what she needs the most," he explained earnestly.

"So you want us to stand by and do nothing?" Rita asked with a slight frown of disagreement.

"Of course not. We can keep an eye on her and if we see that she's in trouble, we can take her away at once," David answered.

"Okay. I guess that's the only way," Rita compromised, but was still really worried about Emily.

Her anxious expressions caused David a great deal of heartache. So he deliberately changed the subject in an effort to shift her focus elsewhere, "I'm your husband, alright? But when Jack beat me up, you didn't show any concern for me. Do you really treat me as your husband?"

After they had remarried, David had always yearned for her to call him husband, or darling, or honey, but she had refused to do that, which had disappointed him.

Rita landed a slight blow on his shoulder and replied teasingly, "Really? What are you, a seven year old? And besides you always told me that you had a strong body and no one could hurt you. So why didn't you knock Jack out? You're a bit weaker than you agreed."

"Weak? Are you serious? I almost wanted to kill that bastard! If we were in a one-to-one battle, I would have sent him straight to hell. But he had his men by his side and I was outnumbered. Shame on him!"

As they argued frivolously, something sad seemed to dawn on them and they fell silent.

After a long while, Rita finally let out a sigh and remarked, "I never believed Jacob was dead until just now."

In her mind, Jacob was such a strong and powerful man who always had every situation well under his control. Now someone had told them he was dead, and she found it hard to believe.

"Me too," David confessed to his reluctance.

None of them wanted to believe that Jacob was dead, but reality had caught them unawares and hit them hard. Emily had personally checked the corpse, and DNA analysis had yielded the same result as her thoughts. Along with that, whatever material they had found

in her ward. The voice was familiar and Jack knew in an instant what it was Magee.

Did he have a death wish or what? How dared he ask Emily to leave with him?

The intention of killing that man flowed up in Jack's heart, but he forced himself to calm down, waiting for Emily's answer.

He wanted to know her real thoughts.

In the ward, Emily replied without hesitation, "Thank you, Magge. But I won't leave with you."Magee was surprised by her refusal and a few seconds later, he came back from the dizziness and asked, "Why? You don't want to leave Jack? Do you forget that he was a rapist and once tried to assault you?"

While hearing this, Jack clenched his teeth and again felt like rushing in and beating Magee to death! But somehow, he refrained from his impulse.

"I have my plans and you don't need to worry about me. Thank you for your kindness," Emily replied firmly. She had a slight headache now after speaking so many words today. Besides, she didn't want Magee involved in this matter.

Magee looked at her incredibly and asked, "Do you still like that bastard? I don't believe it! So what the hell do you want to do?"

"Magee, I said that it was none of your business."

Magee knew that there must be a reason for Emily to do that, but he still felt uncomfortable at the thought of what she was about to face not before long. "If you have some problems, I can help you solve them. You don't have to put yourself in such an aggrieved condition of pleasing Jack."

"If I really wanted to go, I would have left with Rita just now. But I didn't. So I hope you can respect my decision."

"Okay. Everything's my fault. I'm self-righteous." Magee felt tight in the chest, as if a big stone had started to suffocate his heart, and he replied, "I hope you never have to rue your decision."

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