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   Chapter 447 Going to Be in Her Life for All Eternity

The Spoiled Girl By Lan Ke Ke Characters: 7254

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Jack suddenly lost his balance and fell, but it was nothing serious. He hadn't been eating properly because of his emotional roller coaster within a short period of time, and it had taken its toll on his physical and mental well-being.

As he fell to the ground, Emily didn't look at him and wasn't even concerned at all. Jack was coming down with a cold, so he didn't come near her for fear that she would catch his flu.

"Mr. Jack, did you know how uncaring Miss Lu was? When you were lying on the ground stricken with cold, she pretended she hadn't seen anything. She didn't even call the doctor and if I hadn't come in, who knows what would happen…"

The person speaking was the nurse who happened to came into the room and found Jack unconscious. She changed the IV bags for Jack and criticized Emily at the same time. Her eyes fell on Jack's handsome face and this made her blushed.

"Please shut up." Jack motioned his hand to interrupt her. His heart was full of resentments, and he didn't want to add salt to the injury.

But the nurse wouldn't stop talking and continued, "But Mr. Jack, I'm just worried about you! Miss Lu was heartless. Otherwise, how could she ignore you that way…"

She thought she could drive a wedge between Jack and Emily. But she didn't realize what she had said made Jack lose his temper.

"Didn't I ask you to shut up? Why can't you understand?"

"Mr. Jack..."

"My relationship with her is none of your business." If you only want to go to bed with me, then you're far from enough!" Jack picked up a cup and threw it to the nurse. It hit her forehead, causing blood to gush.

"Ah!" The nurse uttered a sound of pain. Her eyes were wide with horror as she looked at Jack. She touched her wound, and saw blood on her hand. Immediately, she stepped back and ran out from the ward.

A few minutes later, the president of the hospital came to see Jack when he heard what had happened. He profusely apologized and sent a middle-aged nurse to look after him instead.

As for the young nurse, she was immediately dismissed from her job.

Jack's ward was next to Emily's. Since he was afraid she would catch his cold, he j

upied her mind and heart that she had forgotten Beryl.

"I'm sorry..."

"Mommy, don't leave Beryl, okay? I promise, I will be a good child! Even if daddy is not with us, I can protect you, mommy."

Hearing this, Emily was appalled. She looked up at Jack and asked coldly, "Did you tell her?"

She seldom showed any emotions to him, almost never. It was clear that he stirred her to a great extent.

Jack looked at her eyes and replied gently, "She will know it sooner or later. Emily, Beryl wasn't as fragile as you imagined, and she is smart and even stronger than you. You should snap out from your depression and think about her too."

Emily lowered her head slowly. She looked at her daughter who was still weeping in her arms with her tear-soaked eyes looking at her. It was pitiful.

"Mommy, I don't have a daddy anymore, and I don't want to lose you..."

"Mommy will never leave you alone. I will always be here for you." Emily held her daughter tightly in her arms, as a drop of tear fell from the corner of her eyes, her heart full of sorrow. She missed her sweet scent and soft body so much.

Jack was glad to see them together. After all, they had been through a lot. He felt relieved.

He was slowly losing Emily, and he feared that she would end her life to be with Jacob. But now that Beryl was here, she would have a will to live for her. No mother would abandon her child.

He knew how much Emily loved Beryl.

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